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"It's not that Golumn thing from The Hobbit, it is this floating ticket machine."
―Racing Steel


Golumns are Quest NPCs that spawn during Chronos Chamber's Obstacle 2. They have the ability to trip you with their punches just like any normal survivor. They offer a threat to you since they come in large hordes once you open the two doors. They also have the ability to spawn Clockbombs that can easily blow you to smithereens if you're not careful.

Background Story

Most believe that every survivor who falls at the hands of the clock are recycled and turned into fodder - mindless, robotic minions. Luckily, their real body remains intact, but some wonder if the Golumns are conscious, fighting against the otherworldly god. Some semblance of sentience has to remain, they reason - the sheer will that's required to reach the clock in the first place will likely lead their consciousness to remain, even after death.

Those that believe this try to ignore the fact that they may be fighting a shell of their comrades, but every time they dream and find themselves standing in the void of space it gets harder and harder to do so. Why? They can't be saved.

One of them could even be you.


  • They can die from Clockbombs placed down from other Golumns sometimes resulting in chain reactions.
  • They can trip you, so be wary of any nearby lost floor or Clockbombs.
    • If you're unlucky, the Clockbomb will explode too soon for you to get away.
    • They do trip you upwards, like a Digger, so be careful of fall damage.
  • They come in huge hordes with a decent amount of health so stick together with your team to defeat them.
  • They constantly spawn unless you blow up the wall so get a Clockbomb as soon as possible.
  • Despite taking the appearance of a floating mob, they can fall off the map. Try to use this to your advantage!
    • However, they cannot fall off the map if the terrain is destroyed near the spawnpoint. They will just float.
  • It is not recommended to use melee weapons against Golumns as they can easily punch you that way.
  • Try to utilise the M202 or RPG once they spawn so it will be easier for your team to grab a Clockbomb with ease.
  • Do not use an Ice Staff or an Ice Gun against the Golumns, they won't freeze.