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"Currently I'm considering rewarding 1 Golden Skincrate per Prestige rankup, if prestige ranks were readded."


The Golden Skincrate is an exclusive skincrate yielding only Golden Skins. This does not grant any other exclusive skin, like Daybreak.

Golden Skincrates can be obtained via a Prestige Rank-Up. When you prestige, you will be rewarded a Golden Skincrate corresponding to your Prestige Rank. For example, going from Prestige II to Prestige III will reward you with 3 Golden Skincrates. For more information about prestige, check out the Prestige Ranks page.

Before the prestige update, Golden Skincrates were only given to a handful of people by PlaceRebuilder for various reasons.

How To Use

  1. Firstly, click a primary or secondary weapon in the Store.
  2. Click the Skincrate icon.
  3. In the opened section, click the square with a Golden Skincrate and click on "Use" to use it.
    • If a Golden Skincrate icon does not appear, then that weapon does not have any Golden Skins or you have already used a Golden Skincrate on that weapon.


  • This is the only skincrate that is unable to be bought with either Robux or Tickets.
  • You can obtain a maximum of 120 Golden Skincrates with the prestige system.