"Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world, and succeeds in helping souls into paradise."
―Christopher Columbus


Golden is a major skin series that can only be obtained via the Golden Skincrate.

It mainly features the colour palette of golden yellow. Other colours are associated to each individual skin. An example of this is wooden brown on the Remington 700 and dark yellow on the Steyr M.

Anyone killed by a weapon that has the Golden skin will goldify, the only skin to be able to inflict a unique status effect.

This had a variant during DEMO; the Golden skin for the M93R which was even rarer than this skin. Only PlaceRebuilder could legally buy it, and many people were banned because of a glitch which allowed you to purchase it.


Luger P08 - GoldenNew
AMDmaker (2)
Barret 50 Cal - Golden
AK47 - Golden
R700 - Golden
Shovel Luger P08 Peacemaker Barrett 50 Cal. AK-47 Remington 700
Steyr M - Golden (REMADE)
Rambo - Golden1
P90 - Golden (REMADE)
Winchester - Golden2
Newspaper - Golden
Steyr M Tinpot Rambo Knife P90 Winchester Newspaper
Fireaxe - Golden
Wingmaster - Golden
RPG - Golden (REMADE)
Tri-Blaster - Golden (REMADE)
Toy Sword - Golden (REMADE)
M1A1 - Golden
Axe Wingmaster 870 RPG Tri-Blaster Toy Sword M1A1 Thompson
Spas-12 - Golden (REMADE)
Shotty 12 - Golden (REMADE)
SCAR-H - Golden (REMADE)
Minigun - Golden
Mini Uzis - Golden (REMADE)
M202 - Golden
Spas-12 Shotty 12 SCAR-H Minigun Mini Uzis M202
M93R - Golden
M16A1 - Golden
Leadpipe - Golden
Karambit - Golden (REMADE)
HK416 - Golden
Famas - Golden
M93R M16A1 Leadpipe Karambit HK416 Famas
Dragunov - Golden (REMADE)
DB Shotgun - Golden
Colt Python - Golden
CK Swat - Golden
Chainsaw - Golden
Baseball Bat - Golden (REMADE)
Dragunov DB Shotgun Colt Python CK Swat Chainsaw Baseball Bat
M249 - Golden
Flamethrower - Golden
FATAL5 - Golden
Katana - Golden
Chinalake - Golden
M1 Garand - Golden
M249 Flamethrower FATAL5 Katana Chinalake M1 Garand
FAL - Golden
MP5 - Golden
FAL MP5 Torch
Winchester Gold
Shotty 12 - Golden
Tri-Blaster - Golden
Toysword - Golden
Steyr M - Golden
Version 1
Winchester Shotty 12 Tri-Blaster Toy Sword Steyr M
Spas-12 - Golden
SCAR-H - Golden
RPG - Golden
P90 - Golden
Mini Uzis - Golden
Karambit - Golden
Spas-12 SCAR-H RPG P90
Version 2
Mini Uzis Karambit
Baseball Bat - Golden
Dragunov - Golden
Baseball Bat Dragunov

There is a skin with the same name
Just in case, here is the former Golden skin.

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