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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Despite all the discrimination for being a simple handgun, many people feel bad for it's discontinuance after being replaced with Steyr M. Even though people's disappointment corrupts many paths, L-Brain Sidework is the true, praise-worthy manufacturer for giving a chance to all newcomers with little to no greed."


The Glock 26 is one of the best secondaries one could ever have and it's for free! Everything about this weapon is great, but the only downfall is you firing too fast for it to be accurate. Slow and steady, a moment thinking clearly during the apocalypse is never a moment wasted.

Background Story

Alas, the poor Glock. It held up for so long, serving those who used it well into the high ranks and those who started as a fresh noob. Its time had to come soon and that was the case when L-Brain Sidework experienced what a spokesperson could only say was an act of industrial espionage. Anything pertaining to the Glock was stolen, and anything that survived was locked up deep due to fear. The Steyr M might have replaced it, but the apocalypse won't be the same without it.


  • You will likely miss if you don't aim with this weapon, so keep in mind.
    • Firing slowly will maintain good accuracy.
    • ADS'ing and crouching may help.
  • This weapon has bad accuracy, similar to the DB Shotgun. Prevent shooting distant targets with it.
  • Keep in close-quarters whilst shooting.
  • As good as the Glock can be, always keep a reliable primary for the more intense situations.



  • Pre-Demo
    • Ammo changed from 14/4 to 30/2.
    • Ammo further changed from 30/2 to 12/2.
    • Damage changed from 25 to 30.
    • Damage further changed from 30 to 35.
  • v0.4.3
    • Rate of Fire increased.
    • Fire spread increased.
  • v0.5.4
    • Price changed from 1,200$ to Free.
  • v0.5.5
    • Accuracy changed from 78 to 65.
  • v0.5.6
    • Accuracy changed from 65 to 70.
  • v0.6.0
    • Rate of Fire decreased.

  • This was the second weapon to be added to R2DA.
    • After the MP5, the Glock 26 was the second starter weapon given to players.
  • The first handgun to be ever added in R2DA.
  • The Glock 26 was removed due to the actual company asking ROBLOX to remove all their guns from ROBLOX games.
    • That said, some players got banned from equipping the Glock 26 as seen here.
      • This is presumably a glitch and players probably didn't equip the Glock 26.
  • Like the M93R, this had periods when the idle animation was head on instead of the usual idle position.
    • An image of this can be found here.