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The Give command was added in v1.2.3 for Event Store Items only. The command doesn't work for regular items nor Event Store Armors, Weapons or Snowballs. Note that you can use this command infinite times on a specified item until you have ran out of that particular item in your inventory (exceptions are posted down below).

Table of Codes

Item Full Command Item Full Command
Pumpkin Pie give pie
give pumpkin
Clockbomb give clockbomb
Cake give cake Firebox give firebox
Blueberry Splush give bsplush Raspberry Splush give rsplush
Candy Cane give candy Owonade give owonade
Boosterpad give boosterpad Hallows Bomb give hallows
Crabmine give crabmine Prune Juice give prune
Strawberry Juice give strawberry Pine Juice give pine
Acorn give acorn Hot Coco give hot
give coco
Camera give camera Panama Punch give panamapunch
Sticky Owo give sticky Boo Blast give blast
give boo
Eggs give eggs Gingerbread give gbread
Snorkel give snorkel Carrot give carrot
Stack of Cash give stack
give cash



  • A variant of this command exists, "cgive".
    • It can give any item or weapon but is restricted to admins outside of Debug.
  • This is a remake of the Cake command from R2D.
  • Each full command does not require the entire name typed out.
    • Example: "Give fir" will still give a Firebox.
    • You can also get an item even without typing the first letter (e.g. "give ter"  will give a Water Balloon).
  • Before v1.4.1, you could not use the command on the Eggs or Gingerbread.