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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"He may look happy, but he sure is not ho-ho-happy to see you!"


These tasty Christmas cookies will protect their Cake at any cost!

Gingerbread Minions are mobs that are slightly faster than the regular survivor. When the survivors open the presents in Cake Kingdom, out comes three Gingerbread Minions! They are very powerful in groups, so stay out of range.

They are also spawned by Papa G. in High Bye Die

Background Story

Many survivors are haunted by the zombies and often have nightmares. However, something strange happens around the holidays. The human brain is always known for doing weird things and creating visions of massive smiling gingerbread men protecting a cake is something possible.

So, many survivors dream about giant gingerbread minions, along with their friends fighting with them. Most survivors laugh it off. Yet, much like a certain clock, these fictional thoughts came into reality, along with some devastating affects.

Many years later, they have evolved to bridge over each other's bodies to reach the survivors, even climbing on top of each other, it seems they have learned how after possibly watching some insects attack a hive of wasps.


  • Try to attack them from long range, as they can smash the ground, sending you to fly up in the air.
  • Always stay near teammates. If you get smashed by Minions, it is extremely likely that you will be repeatedly smashed to death.
  • You can make them freak out by using the Defibrillator on them. This is not recommended, as they can smash you, but it may help.
  • You can deal headshots to these Gingerbread Minions. Try to aim at their head when they are chasing you.
  • If a Gingerbread catches up to you, you don't need to sprint out of the way and waste stamina. Your regular walkspeed is good enough to avoid them and their smash.
  • Recommended weapons to mow down Gingerbread Minions are the:
  • If attacked by a player, they will target that specific player until they die, or are attacked by another.
  • Gingerbreads are immune to Tomahawks.
  • The Flakvest will help you avoid major damage from the Gingerbread Minions but it won't stop them tripping you.
  • Try to get as much height difference as possible, as their attacks are very low to the ground.


  • These are the second event mob, with the first being the Boo.
  • Third mob to give tickets upon death.
  • First non-boss mob to give tickets.
  • They make a cameo in the New Bloxcoast II & Subway Christmas version as an easter egg.