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"I don't see how making myself more edible is supposed to help me in this situation."


The Gingerbread is a giant gingerbread suit, complete with some icing and three green candies.

It bears a striking resemblance to the Gingerbread Minions, except the head is missing.

Background Story

After saving the Cake Kingdom from the havoc caused by the Gingerbread Minions, all that remained was a bunch of torn wrapping paper and a lot of gingerbread crumbs.

Some of the torn wrapping paper was salvageable and later reused in other forms, such as being used to put together the Gifts. Some of those crumbs were eaten, but some survivors went a questionable step further and re-baked the pieces together into something more useful than food.


  • Handy if you want a cheap armor which boosts your health.
    • This has no resistances and doesn't grant any ammo so only use this armor purely for health.
  • Buy the Gingerbread if you are grinding for cash.


  • Some Health


  • Event Exclusive
  • No Resistances
  • No Extra Ammo


  • First armor to change the character's package.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Gingerbread Package.
    • Wearing this will not work and will not grant you the bonuses this armor provides.
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