"You know who runs around filling things up with gas? Idiots."


The Generator is a Campaign accessory used during the Sewers, Coconut Split Stadium, Farmhouse & Caved In Campaigns. For the most part, you need to fill the Generators with various amounts of Jerry Cans. In Sewers, you must activate all five Generators by punching or kicking them to activate them. This, in turn, lights up the map, which allows you to open and close the gates and activate the lift to call for help, allowing you to continue with the objective.

Background Story

Generators. Man's glorious invention. A simple turbine that can easily fuel a city for a couple of days. That's why they're so common in the pre-SANI days.

Of course, we have evolved from a time when steam-powered Generators were the norm. Jerry Cans were therefore the main way to activate them. Luckily for you, vehicles have been abandoned in the apocalypse. Plenty of Jerry Cans lying around to power electricity. Better hope they don't cause some kind of evolutionary mess.


Coconut Split Stadium, Farmhouse, Caved In & Dead Vacation

  • If you cannot find the Jerry Cans (or the Generator), you can use the Tag Objective.
    • If times become desperate, you can buy Jerry Cans from the In-Game Store. You can also bring one into the Campaign from the Store.
    • The Jerry Cans lying around can be shot and blown up, but you still have to use them to fill the Generator.
  • You need 6 to 8 Jerry Cans to fill the Generator in Coconut Split Stadium.
    • The Generator is located on a roof by the open area.
  • You need 4 Jerry Cans to fill the Generator in Caved In.
    • It is located by the elevator on the floor of the cave.
    • Filling up the Generator will cause the lights in the cave to activate.
  • You need 5 Jerry Cans to fill the Generator in Farmhouse.
    • It is located outside by the shack.
    • If you cannot fill up the Generator, try to fill up where the hole of the Generator is (by the side of the Generator).
  • You need 10 Fuel Cans to fill the Generator in Dead Vacation.
    • The Generator is located at back of the crashed helicopter.
    • Filling up the Generator will cause the lights in the resort to activate.


  • There are five generators located around the map
    • Spread around the map to find the Generators.
    • You can use the Tag Objective to locate the remaining Generators which will save a lot of time.
  • You need to punch a Generator 3 times for it to activate.
    • Note that a punch only counts if it wasn't hit previously in the last second. Any punching during a one-second interval will not count as a punch.
  • You can tell if a Generator is activated when it flashes red. An audible sound is also played.
  • You can use melee weapons to activate the Generators.
  • In Campaign, once all the Generators are activated, the lights turn on around the map, the gates are able to be operated and you are able to activate the elevator.
    • Outside Campaign, you cannot turn on the lights. You can operate the gates and elevator by default, however.


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