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This item/feature has been removed.
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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Gate Keeper II

"Are we really going to overlook the fact that the ice spikes fall from utter emptiness?"


Gate Keeper II is the boss arena for Frosty Jr. After defeating him, he will drop a Key that will reopen the gate that Frosty Jr. just came out of. Your rewards are located on the other side.

Background Story

After the fall of Mr. Frost, Frosty Jr. was left without a home. He travelled to the North Pole and acquired a hammer once used by an ancient pile of rocks. He swore then to enact revenge on the survivors that killed his father.

You're fighting rage and the only way to defeat rage... is to be raging.


Players spawn on the point furthest away from the gate. Directly in front of them is the button that will open the gate and activate Frosty Jr.

A wall surrounds the north of the map, splitting the main fighting arena away from the village where chests spawn in the conclusion of the fight. There is a pier to the east of the gate in which there is a small hut. The entire fighting arena, with the except of the north wall, is surrounded by water.

The fighting arena itself can be split up when Frosty Jr. does his Ground Pound move.


  • The water here will damage you at a rate of 10 HP per second. Get out of the water as soon as possible.
    • The Jetpack is useful for getting out of the water faster so you don't take as much damage or even drown.
  • Use Jetski or Jetpack to dodge the Ice Tornadoes and Icicle Rain attacks from Frosty Jr.
  • You can use the M2 Tripod in the corners of the arena next to the walls or on top of the pier hut to assist damage.


  • The full name of this map is Gate Keeper II: Return of Snowman.
  • Gate Keeper II reuses models from A Winter Wonderland.
  • Ammo Stations on this map have 5 reloads instead of 4.
    • This is the first map to specifically have 5 reloads.
  • During Debug, this map did not have Ammo Stations.
    • Proof of it can be seen on the template.