The Gas Tank is used to refuel the Private Jet in Campfire Chaos II. You must push the Gas Tank from one side of the island to the cobbled airstrip on the other island, interconnected with a bridge.

Background Story

Okay. Don't ask us how a massive Gas Tank magically appeared here. Conveniently, might I add. The Private Jet you just called demanded fuel to get to the mainland.

Maybe luck was on your side for once. You could finally book that penthouse in Miami, Florida.


  • After using the Radio, push this to the airstrip.
    • Protect the pusher. There only needs to be one pusher.
  • This doesn't blow up, so don't be afraid of using explosions near this.
  • If a zombie stands in front of this, it will stop, no matter how many players pushing this.
  • Beware of Tickers that may be rushing and their radioactive puddles. Anti-radiation armor such as the Faraday Vest and the Fire Extinguisher are recommended when protecting the moving Gas Tank.
  • The path is already set out, there is no need to guide it specifically.
    • While it does mean there will be less trolling, watch out for Boosterpads or structures in the way of the Gas Tank.
  • The Phial of Galadriel, Pipebomb and Clockbomb are recommended when pushing the tank.
    • It should be noted that the Phial of Galadriel can push away a rushing Ticker, but the Ticker will have mobility control over their rush after the effect stops.
  • To use the hose, grab the end of the nozzle when the Private Jet has landed.
  • You earn 2-4$ every time you push the Gas Tank closer to the destination, meaning you can earn, approximately, up to 600-1,200$.
    • The final pusher, the one that pushes the Gas Tank to its final destination, will earn 1 Fame.
  • Be careful when you're about to fuel the Private Jet as Edgars and Stalkers can pull you beyond rope's limit, causing you to fling out of control.


  • One of the few movable items in R2DA.
  • The way players move the Gas Tank is similar to the Trolley in Mogadishu Transit.
  • This is a utility vehicle, similar to the Minecart.
    • This is, however, classified as an item because its main purpose is to refuel the Private Jet as opposed to transporting a commodity.

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