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General information about the game.

  • Weapons: These tools in your hand are the only thing keeping you from certain death.
  • Mobs: It's unnerving to think that these things were once part of society.
  • Armors: Just by wearing one of these, you feel like you're invincible! Don't let it go to your head.
  • Items: A small edge in the competition to live. Actually, several small edges.
  • Maps: Discover where you will meet your demise, or transformed into zombie poop.
  • Gamemodes: Indicates what you should be afraid of, and what you should be even more afraid of.
  • Features: Wait a minute, that's this page!

  • Ammo Stations: Oddly enough, these aren't infinite like last time.
  • Ammunition Types: Type of ammo used to customise the most common thing in the apocalypse.
  • Attachments: Those things that enhance your weapon's sight, grip, or under-barrel. Goodie!
  • Audio: Sound bytes into the real world.
  • Badges: Trophies that you can get for completing a certain task, so you can bask in satisfaction.
  • Boosters: Well, some people can pay to get privileges, right?
  • Breakable: The world is constantly falling apart around us. Here's an example!
  • Chests: Rewards for killing that special someone in life.
  • Controls: How to manipulate everything at a press of your fingertips.
  • Deadvelopment Center: Evolution at its finest.
  • DeathScreen: People say this is the last thing you see before you die.
  • Debug: The apocalypse has to wait for the seal of approval before ruining your lives you know.
  • Doors: Who could've guessed that these small planks of wood could save so many lives?
  • Double Equip: Travelling light is always a bonus when traversing across wastelands.
  • Double EXP Fridays: It's like, your normal experience, but today you get twice that amount. Technology!
  • Emotes: They're always for you there when you cannot find words to express your feelings.
  • Error Console: How to accurately use the console.
  • Events: Looks like it's that time of year again.
  • Event Store: The travelling merchant comes bearing gifts - some useful, some not so much.
  • EXP Revamp (2017): Iteration one of the EXP Revamp.
  • EXP Revamp (2019): Iteration two of the EXP Revamp.
  • Fame: Fame makes you famous, and being famous has perks. Who knew?
  • GamePad Support: XBOX is the superior.
  • Gamepasses: An option to boost your mood with the downside of later getting depressed over it.
  • Gifts: It's a nice gesture, but it would be even nicer if you didn't see everyone else get the same thing.
  • Give Command: Spawn items out of thin air like a boss.
  • Highscores: You're only putting your life on the line to get these. No big deal.
  • Idle: In reality, you were never in control. You lost long ago.
  • Immunity: It's the little things that always help you survive.
  • In-Game Store: Spawn something out of thin air to help you, for a price.
  • Intermission: Nothing like the Brits can't solve with queuing.
  • Killstreak: A metaphor for bragging rights. Good on you.
  • Leaderboard: See whether someone is a lowly peasant or the god of all survivors.
  • Map Size: We don't rate 0-10. We rate very small to massive.
  • Modcall: That thing you use to call handsome people so ban-ban kapaw happens.
  • Mounts: Your companion for life.
  • NoobBuster: The errors and explanations for when you suddenly blip out of existence.
  • Party: It's not really a party without beer and music, but sure.
  • Player Points: Fuelling the clans.
  • Prestige Ranks: The highest of the high. The purest of the pure.
  • PRs Hefty Retirement Fund: Dying due to old age? Turn yourself young again, placing all your money in trust.
  • Punch and Kick: Mixed Martial Arts better watch out.
  • Ranks: The level that displays how much guilt you should feel because you played too much of this game.
  • Round Rewards: We need incentives for you to fight, right?
  • Settings: They're like little changes to make the world a better place.
  • Skins: Sometimes, brandishing a weapon into a zombie's face isn't intimidating enough.
  • Soundtrack: Two to the One to the On... Wait have I just said a copyright song?
  • Spectating: Watch the world burn instead of being part of it, and make a neat cinematic out of it.
  • Status Effects: The environment can wear and tear onto one's psyche.
  • Store: The place where you buy cool stuffs.
  • Supply Boxes: You, yes, even you deserve a little kindness in the apocalypse.
  • Tablet Support: I am not an Indian tech support person. I'm here to explain the uses of a tablet.
  • Thumbnails: The more one thinks about it, "thumbnail" is a pretty weird compound word.
  • Twitter Redeem Codes: A gift has descended from the heavens. As long as it's not a baseball, we should be fine.
  • Universes: There's a theory out there through even minor decisions, whole new universes and rules are made.
  • Vehicles: Careful now, there's no way to claim car insurance if it gets totalled.
  • VIP Servers: Even if we're in an apocalypse, us higher folks aren't hanging around with you peasants.
  • Vote Kick: It will cost you a pretty penny to wipe somebody of the face of the earth.
  • Water Rating: How tasty that water is looking.
  • Winscreen: It may be a celebration, but you're only safe for like, 10 seconds before going back to hell.
  • Zombie Spawnrates: Never tell me the odds. Unless it's related to my survival.

Removed Content

Information on what has been cut from the game.

  • Achievements: A token of appreciation with good rewards!
  • Custom Sightmarks: See this horrible world through a different lens and see that... it's still the same thing.
  • Damage Multipliers: Bit misleading, mostly damage downgrades.
  • Slot Machine: The wheels go around and around and around an— maybe you should stop.
  • Zombie Levelling System: Adaptability is always important for a virus. Don't want a cure, do we?

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