"someone decided to battle the cheesing the camp completely by allowing the tank to take those spawn-only cans for no particular reason. cmon..."


The Fuel Can is an accessory item used as a part of the Dead Vacation Campaign. They are used to fill the generator and turn on the resort lights.

Background Story

Filling up generators with fuel became such a common task it feels like an automatic action performed by a robot. Turn the lights on this, defend this objective that, save this guy or escape now, yadda yadda yadda.

Yet when I look at that very same Jerry Can I've been using to fill up generators here, I just get butterflies in my stomach. Maybe its because I haven't willingly been to this site for so long. Perhaps its just the PTSD kicking in. Maybe its just that longing to days past when zombies looked...less colorful.

But enough reminiscing about the horrendous past of mine. These newbies are going to learn firsthand what it takes to survive at this location. I only hope that the generator still works after so long.



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