This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"This glove can freeze a person but can't freeze your hands. Well boys and girls, that's how pr logic works."


The Frost Knuckles are a "melee" weapon where in fact, they are more of a tool where you can't actually unequip it, similar to the Jetpack. It replaces the standard Punch with a special ability in a combination, the ability to freeze entities and 10 more damage per punch.

Background Story

These frozen knuckles were found in gifts dropped around by Hellish Night for free advertising.

Think about it - the gifts grab the attention of customers, and leave 99% of them wishing that they could simply buy the product that they missed out on. And they can!

These knuckles, of course, may not be what customers really wanted to spend their money on, but the gifts' locks made sure that it didn't really matter. They're filled with formula sapped from leftover Ice Guns.


  • Every 4th punch in a combo launches you forward.
    • Can hit up to 4 players in this line.
    • You may be flung if you are not careful.
  • In Free Brawl, this is very useful since it's the only "melee" allowed.
  • In reality, this uses around 10 energy, not 6.
    • Use the Tactical II if you find yourself under stress.
  • In Rapid Infection, this serves as a good replacement if you do not have either the Ice Gun, Toy Bow or Christmas Spear.
    • This may be more ideal during Rapid Infection due to the fact that the Frost Knuckles still grant immunity.
  • Avoid freezing Brutes that are blocking, they will not freeze.
    • They are most vulnerable when they have just thrown their club.
  • Don't rely on this for killing, only for stunning enemies.
    • A hard hitting weapon is recommended alongside this, for example the DB Shotgun or Spas-12.
  • Similar to the Ice Staff, this will freeze everything but Elementals and AI mobs, excluding AI Zombies.
  • Refrain from punching Tickers with this as they could explode, killing you in the process.
  • The Flamethrower or the Torch will counter the Frost Knuckles freeze effects so they shouldn't be used alongside this.


  • Frost
  • Power Punch


  • Event Exclusive
  • Low Damage
  • No Multi Hit



  • Equipped on the hands like an armor instead of being a melee.
    • They adapt to whatever package you may be wearing, the first item at any time to do so.
  • This has nearly the same stats as a regular punch, except with the power ability, frozen trait and 10 more damage per punch.
  • First secondary to not actually be in your physical inventory.
  • Second weapon to have a weapon trail, after the Bone Sword.
  • Sometimes, this will do 15 damage instead of 25.


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