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Frost Golumn is the Christmas 2018 variant of the Stone Golumn, except it is a boss as opposed to an Quest NPC. It is the boss for the Christmas Event 2018. He lives in the Forgotten Cave.

Background Story

The Frost Golumn, Stone Golumn and Golumn are all related. The fact is, they are all adapted to their environment, just like any other animal. The Frost Golumn adapted to its harsh environment pretty well.

You see, when the first survivors found it, they thought it was dead. In fact, they thought it was an ancient rock. Nothing remains of them except an open cave and bits of ancient rock lying around... Until they interacted with it. Attempting to extract samples for study purposes, the ancient beast assembled itself and rose out of the ground. It seemed like time stopped at that moment.

The perfect, forgotten weapon... Adaptation and decades of rest have led it to begin the chase after you.



  • Touch his torso to activate it.
  • Do not stay where the Frost Golumn faces, four attacks can directly hit you with short notice.
    • Camping is also not a good idea. His Icicle Rain can hit nearly anywhere on the map and his Rocket Brofist can easily leave most survivors weakened.
    • The map is also very small and you will likely be tossed into the water, taking even more damage.
  • The Yeti Helmet or Frozen X-Mas Cape helps with the Frost Spell attack.
    • If you aren't frozen, you are unlikely to be damaged during his Monkey Mode attack.
      • If you are hit by his Monkey Mode, however, you will likely die, due to explosive damage, if you're not wearing armor.
  • This boss can use Omega Heal three times, attack the boss after that.
  • When it shakes its torso, his Icicle Rain is about to initiate.
    • If you cannot reach the icebergs in time, jump into the water.
      • However, don't stay in there for too long. You will be damaged 10 HP per second.
      • You must touch land before you stop taking damage from the water. You will still take damage if you are in the air and haven't touched land yet.
  • Acorns are recommended for healing the entire team.
  • The Shells should be dealt with first before attacking the boss.
    • However, if you do not have an accurate weapon, such as the Barrett 50 Cal., it is best to use the Pumpkin Bot or leave these mobs alone.
      • You can also use the RPG to kill all of them when they initially spawn.
  • When the Frost Golumn enters the water, it will teleport to the middle of the arena.
    • Be wary when he falls into the water if you are in the middle of the arena.
  • Flamethrowers can thaw frozen players and can kill Shells if in range.
    • However, Shells normally just fly higher up.
  • Frost Golumn can only use Omega Heal three times. However, there is no way to prevent it from healing.
    • Once the move has been used three times, a message will be displayed in the chat saying: "Frost Golumns heal has been depleted."


  • A Christmas variant of the Stone Golumn.
    • This is, however, a boss, not a mob.
  • First Christmas boss not to be white.
  • Frost Golumn's Rock Throw move is similar to when a tank throws his rock in Left 4 Dead.
    • This may also be a throwback to the original Reason 2 Die.
  • After v1.2.7a, Frost Golumn's Monkey Mode can be activated without a player getting frozen.
    • Also after v1.2.7a, the icicles that rain do not produce an explosion effect.
      • They do, however, still trip players on impact.
  • This boss is most likely based on Stone Golem from Maplestory.

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