"Nice! Now BOTH of you can cool off at the same time! "


Freeze is a bullet type attachment. It can be equipped for 150$ for the Chinalake. To swap to Freeze grenades, you must press "E". You cannot reload ammunition types at Ammo Stations.

As suggested, these grenades freeze anyone within the radius of the blast. They are similar to normal grenades as they are arched.


  • You need to press "E" to enable and disable this.
  • Bringing armor that grant extra magazines, such as the Tactical II, will increase ammunition type bullets too.
    • The Flakvest will also give three more Ice Grenades.
  • The freeze effect does not affect Elementals, Skull Champions and AIs, except AI Infecteds.
  • This is better for hordes that have lots of high health zombies, such as Brutes.
  • These grenades are best used to stun zombies rather than to kill them.
    • Switch back to normal grenades after using Freeze grenades to save ammo.
  • With this, you basically get another full reload worth of ammunition. Use wisely as you cannot reload these bullets.
  • These grenades deal less damage than normal (about 20 damage). Do not use this to kill any mobs specifically.
  • You can freeze yourself if you are too close to the grenade.
  • You can use Freeze Grenades to "Rocket Jump" to get in high places.
    • However, you may be freeze yourself while doing this.
  • Freezing yourself can be a quick way to escape a hoard down a hill, though you may incur fall damage.


  • Like most ammunition types, this is banned in PvP modes.
  • This has a similar blast radius compared to the Ice Sledge.

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