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Free For All is a Gamemode in which you fight other survivors for 3 minutes using your acquired guns, items and armors to be the last survivor remaining. In addition to this, every player is given a significant additional amount of health in order to enhance survival, due to how quickly you can die in this gamemode. 

As of v0.9.3, there is now an entire Universe that's dedicated to PvP modes only. Any survivors who only look forward to fighting other survivors can now join an entire server that only allows modes such as FFA



  • The DB Shotgun can instantly kill most people if you have Double Fire equipped on it.
    • However, you have to be close enough to the target to be able to land the shot properly.
      • If you miss the shot, you will have to go through the laborious reload before being able to shoot it again.
    • An exception to people you can kill are those wearing the X-Mas Cape, Frozen X-Mas Cape or health bonuses from Prestige Ranks (can only be enabled in VIP Servers).
  • The Flamethrower will still pierce through the Firevest and Pumpkin Vest.
  • The Shotty 12 is a very good choice for those with an aggressive play-style. Its extremely high damage and fast firerate will allow the user to effortlessly demolish other players.
    • Be aware that you have to get up close and personal thanks to its abysmal range, so be sure to find the nearest cover should anything go wrong.
  • The Tri-Blaster and Ice Gun are banned in this Gamemode so don't bother bringing it into the round.
  • Trip melees (such as the Bell) can trip all survivors up regardless of their stamina.
    • Punch and Kick can also trip, but the enemy needs to have low stamina.
  • The Minigun's rev up time causes the user to become vulnerable to damage for 1.5 seconds. Take advantage of this!
    • If you are caught in the sights of one and are unable to get away, you're basically done.
  • The M249 is a good choice, but remember that it does slightly slow you down while you have it equipped.
    • This makes you an easy target for any sniper out there.
  • The Famas's and P90's high DPS can shred through players.
    • Try to conserve ammo though. The fire rate is pretty high.
  • The Winchester and Barrett 50 Cal. have high range, high damage and high accuracy so can easily pick off enemies from afar.
    • Be mindful of the firerate. Missing a shot is extremely unforgiving as it will give out your position and allow your enemies to take advantage of the long delay between shots.
      • The FATAL5 and Dragunov are decent snipers with a fast firerate compared to the other two rifles.
      • In addition, the two rifles are not nerfed in terms of damage.
  • The Boo Buster can be a very useful weapon to quickly dispatch a survivor and rendering them helpless.
    • Be aware that you have to get up close and personal to make good use of this weapon.
      • Watch out for those wearing a Faraday Vest, or those who have taken the Boo Blast, as they are immune to your attacks.
  • The SCAR-H is highly recommended due to its fully automatic capability, its high accuracy and range when fully equipped, allowing the user to quickly dispatch a player even from afar.


  • The Bulldozer I and Bulldozer II are recommended due to their great health gain and extra ammo.
    • Additionally, these armors, alongside with the Penguin can trip and push people if they are low on stamina, though this is risky and therefore not recommended to attempt.
  • The Lifevest is a great choice since it is extremely cheap and adds health. It's not much, but it's still something.
  • The Firevest is a bad choice due to the fact you are not immune to fires from Molotovs, and the Flamethrower can still easily kill you.
  • The Tactical II and Scout can be great choices because the extra stamina they provide may save your life in the long run.
  • Due to how often explosives are used, bringing the Flakvest is a good idea as it reduces explosive damage by 80% and will be much harder for you to be tripped by an explosive item or weapon, such as the Chinalake.
    • It doesn't prevent getting tripped by an explosion however, so be mindful of that.
  • The Frozen X-Mas Cape and X-Mas Cape can be very useful just because of the amount of health they supply.
  • The Faraday Vest can be useful against annoying Boo Buster users as it makes you immune to those attacks.


  • The Airstrike is banned from this gamemode, avoid bringing those if possible.
    • It is possible, however, to bring the Airstrike by luck if you have equipped a Boopack and it gives you an Airstrike as an item.
  • Use the Flash on people to easily take them out while blinded!
    • For good measure, throw in a couple of kicks and punches to make sure they stay down as you execute them.
  • To kill campers, it is suggested to use a Grenade as the item has a large explosion radius. The explosion will deal massive damage towards them and can still damage them even if they are a floor above the grenade.
  • It is highly recommended to bring an item which restores health such as Vitamins or a Medkit due to how quickly damage can be taken in this mode.
  • The Give Command does work here, so you can use event items at your pleasure.
    • An example of this is using the Boosterpad to flank someone.
  • The Jetpack is not banned here, so long the VIP Server has enabled it.


  • Whilst you could be looked down upon for this, teaming up with another person could increase your chances of survival greatly as they could heal you and help you kill any other survivors threatening you.
    • Try not to team with more than 6 people, as you can be banned for Mass Teaming.
  • If you are on 1930's Kingstreet, bringing the Dragunov with attachments is a good idea due to the size of the map and how long it would take others to reach you.
  • Supply Boxes still appear in FFA, make note of where the nearest one is!
  • When spawning on any FFA matches, you'll always spawn in a different area, so always adapt to your spawning surroundings quickly.
  • The Truck or Van can be both used as cover and for quickly going to players, just watch out for incoming explosives/fire.
  • Aiming for the head is a good idea, not only for the double damage, but also due to the fact it makes them unreviveable.
    • However, this will be much more difficult to pull off as the head hitbox is smaller than you think. Proceed with caution.
      • The Golden skin also makes a person unreviveable, so long you get the last kill.
  • Mounts are not banned here, so make sure to use the Duck Mount for mobility.
    • The Pumpkin Bot does not damage anyone here so bringing it is a waste of a mount slot (unless you are using it for mobility).
    • The M2 Tripod does damage people here, though other players may also use it for their own intentions.
    • The Rocket Sleigh is a good option for escaping certain dangerous situations, but you have to be wary that it will trip you when you dismount.
  • It is a good idea to avoid gunfights as much as possible, especially against multiple players at once. This will increase the likelihood of winning as you will lose less health and use less items.
    • You should never be in an open area of a map, as you will become an easy target.
  • If you are unable to find a cover, and have lots of rooms to move around, spawning an M939 or a Van and using them to move around is highly recommended because they are bulletproof.
    • Be aware that the vehicles are not explosive or fire proof in any means, so do not get your vehicle stuck or topped over or else you will become a sitting duck.
    • Additionally, other players might be able to get into the driver's seat and kill the driver, so do not be reckless when driving around.
  • Use your stamina wisely. Exhausting yourself will likely result in certain death for you as you cannot run or jump to high ground for a period of time.
    • If you are caught low on stamina, enemies may Punch or Kick you, if given enough time, which will instantly trip you. This will likely to result in your death.


  • Another returning gamemode from R2D, but instead of the 2 maps that supported the gamemode back then, there is now a bigger variety in selection.
  • Before, Punch and Kick (and trip melees) could only trip up if a player's stamina was low. This has since been updated to trip at any time for the trip melees.
  • In Debug, the M202 could be brought to Free For All before being allowed later on as shown in this video.