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Foxriver Prison

"Welcome zombies... To your worst nightmare. Prepare to be spawn killed... A LOT."


Foxriver Prison is a small, enclosed map. While the building can be fun to hole up in, you are surrounded by water (or frozen water depending on the time of year).

Just please don't block the ladders.

Background Story

Foxriver Prison serves as a solitary one. It's not Alcatraz by any means, housing individuals deemed not dangerous, but just unstable enough to be deemed not safe to be released back into society.

Guards who worked here lived here. Their only entertainment was from the other prisoners, and besides the occasional quibble, it got boring.

When communication outside the island ceased, the guards felt uneasy. Their suspicions were only confirmed when their monthly drop of supplies didn't arrive. The zombies on the horizon didn't help either.

In a hurry, and without the prisoners, the guards left the island on the only boat they had. By the time the prisoners got out of their cells, it was too late. The guards were gone and it had begun to get quite chilly, with the only sounds being the slight pitter-patter of gentle snowfall and the growling and screams in the distance...

Sometime later after the ice melted away, survivors arrived here in boats hoping for an escape - only finding the remains of a prison riot and zombies waiting for them.


Unsurprisingly, Foxriver Prison has only one location of interest: the prison. While the outside is relatively open, the tight corridors can easily overwhelm you unless you know what you are doing.

Inside the prison, there are some cells on the first floor, a cafeteria on the second, and roof access. Outside, there is a basketball court. There is also a small guard tower attached to a building that's not connected to the main building. The only barriers between the main building and the outside are perimeter walls, which can be jumped over, the small guard building and a prison gate which can be destroyed. 

The icy lake that used to surround Foxriver Prison has returned to its original watery state.


  • Don't block the ladders using a Hammer. It's not helpful.
    • Think long-term. If everything goes wrong, you need mobility.
    • If a player has done so, you can scale the wall with parkour.
    • If this is an issue, you can climb the outside with parkour.
    • You may also use the BoosterpadKarambit, Jetpack or Duck Mount to get up.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.
  • Because of how small the map is, you can easily farm money and EXP from killing zombies since they spawn in tight areas.
    • Rotation around the map is key if you want to maximise your profits.
  • The RPG is a great weapon for this map. This is an easy way to get high Killstreaks by firing from the roof or outside of the prison.
  • Be aware that two of the doors in the cell portion of the prison do not actually open.
    • It isn't recommended to camp in the cells due to the fact you could be smashed by a Brute.
  • During Free Brawl and Melee Smash, a common tactic is to stay on the roof for situational awareness. You may also camp within the boundaries of the courtyard, although it is more common for skirmishes to occur here.
  • During Survival and Arena, there is an 11 player limit.
  • The water doesn't kill you, use it in your advantage.
  • The Jetski can be useful riding around the boundaries of the prison, escaping potential hordes for a while.


  • When initially released, Foxriver Prison was originally called "Fox River State Penitentiary".
  • In v0.9.2, this map got recoloured to a orange style and in v1.4.9, this map got recoloured back to the gray style.
  • For Christmas Event 2016, this map got a makeover!
    • The size of this map technically increased as the frozen sea could now be walked on.
  • The removed Barbed Wire Fence can be seen on top of the gates to Foxriver Prison.
    • This used to only harm zombies but this was removed when the map was converted to its snow version.
  • To prevent Hammer users blocking the only path to the main prison roof, in v1.0.1 another ladder was installed.