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The Forklift is a mobile vehicle that can be found next to the stage in Coconut Split Stadium and inside the Caved In storage room.


  • This vehicle doesn't have much use.
  • Zombies can use the Forklift.
    • If you dig as a Digger while driving the Forklift, people can see where you are digging.
    • This does make the Brute get to places quicker, however.


  • The Concert Forklift is based on the forklift from dark carnival.
  • It's not possible to drive the Caved In Forklift due to the unanchored parts.
    • The seat still exists, but you cannot move the vehicle as it is unanchored.
  • The Caved In Forklift has a CAT logo on its side, indicating that it is manufactured by Caterpillar.