The Flying Ship is a fanatical mobile vehicle that awaits at the end of King Cherrycake's Quest. Once the Push Puzzle is complete, the ship will fly away into the distance. It also transport players when The Wheatfields objective is finished in Duck's Quest to The Barn.


  • The ship will leave about 5 seconds after you complete the Push Puzzle in King Cherrycake's Quest.
    • You will know its about to leave because the gears will be moving.
  • The ship will leave 10 seconds after the last wheat is harvested in Duck's Quest.
    • There is a timer that counts down, so be on the ship before it moves away.
  • Try not to be on the gangplank when it is moving away. It will normally fall into the void.


  • The Flying Ship design is inspired by Maple Story.
  • On both sides of the ship there is two crowns signifying that this is some sort of royal vessel.
  • This is referred to as a Boat in Duck's Quest.
    • This is factually incorrect as boats require water to travel.
  • Initially in Debug, the ship would begin to move instantly after the last piece of wheat was harvested in Duck's Quest.

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