"A non-lethal grenade used to stun and disorient targets using a blinding flash of light and a deafeningly loud sound."


This explosive can blind and stun zombies and survivors for a few seconds. It's underestimated by most, as you can use it to basically render Brutes useless, make a Leaper become totally confused, or make your escape away from a horde of zombies.

Background Story

Flashbangs were a very common non-lethal grenade before the apocalypse. The military distributes them nowadays to give survivors an easy way to escape from zombies, temporarily blinding them and also deafening them. Sadly, however, most survivors say they're useless. Don't worry, you can't hurt its' feelings.


  • Use this to blind a horde of zombies that may be pursuing you.
    • This is very useful against Brutes, so as it flails around, you and your teammates can take it out.
    • If there's a special infected, it may also be worth chucking on their way so they can't chase you down. It blurs any nametags on any pursuing zombie.
  • This does not work in Free Brawl.
    • However, this still works in Free For All. Blind your opponents!
  • Combined with a grenade, a pipebomb or a molotov, this can be a very useful item.
  • The stun times for the Flash varies:
    • Humans: 3 seconds
    • Zombies: 5 seconds
    • NPCs: 10 seconds



  • Nametags now removed in blur in v1.0.8.
  • Added to In-Game Store in v0.4.9.
  • Droppable upon death in v1.0.8.