"Why is the Blackfield Station flare down here? How did it change from a gun to an actual flare?"


Flare is used to alert a landing spot for the Helicopter in Sewers Campaign. After throwing, if the Helicopter can land where you threw it, the Helicopter will land on top of the Flare.

Background Story

One man's trash is another group's treasure.

In the sewers, items tend to get lost due to the crowded nature and focus on more important matters. While survivors were in the sewers and figuring out a way to escape, another person had found a lost flare in the water, presumably dropped by some unfortunate fellow.

The survivors, obtaining the flare, now knew they could call in some form of rescue to save themselves. They lit the flare, placed it down and hoped for the best.


  • If you throw this into the void, the Helicopter is still able to land.
    • If you throw it while in the sewers, not on the green land, the Helicopter cannot land.
  • You get 1 Fame for throwing this on land.


  • This is the first throwable Campaign item and the second non-lethal throwing item.

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