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"I think setting a fireaxe on fire is definitely something that needed to happen."


The Flame is an attachment that can be equipped for the Axe. You can obtain this special Attachment from the Chronos Chest.

Equipping this turns your Axe into a blazing inferno. When a mob is hit, not only do they take the usual Axe damage, they are also set on fire to take even more damage!

Background Story

It was a question of whether or not they could.

As the flames flickered to life, everyone glanced around the room searching for reactions. No one said anything, but their eyes gave it away. Some were surprised, some were worried, some were extremely jealous and some were stoic.

Now it was a question of whether or not they should. A collective disapproval echoed in the silence. Only the worthy shall.


  • With this, the Axe is now able to mostly compensate for the heightened HP of zombies late in a round.
    • This allows you to conserve your energy for another zombie to kill.
  • Despite the fact that the Elemental is healed by fire, this doesn't seem to heal them at all.
    • You can still swing the Axe at them and they'll be damaged like any old swing.
      • Be careful when attempting this, as they can just explode and damage you.
  • If you're feeling like a pyromaniac, pair this with the Flamethrower to burn everything that stands in your way.
  • Do not use this in conjunction with Ice Bullets, the Frost Knuckles, the Ice Staff or the Ice Gun as this attachment will thaw them.
  • Attempting to prestige will cause this attachment to be lost from your inventory. You must re-gain it by obtaining the Chronos Chest again.
  • If you open the Chronos Chest, and you do not have the Axe, you will not get the Flame.


  • Known in-game as "Flaming Axe".
  • This was the second attachment added for a melee weapon.
    • This was also the first item to be a drop from a Boss Chest.
  • This was first teased when PlaceRebuilder was drafting ideas for possible items you could get from chests dropped upon defeating Chronos XI.
    • This was released as a reward from the Chronos Chest from said boss.
  • This has the same fire particle effect as the Torch.
    • First attachment to have weapon trail.