"Remember how effective this was on King Cake? Let's see how it works on King Cherrycake- oh."


The Flakvest is an armor which gives a decent amount of health and a single clip, with its main ability being the 80% explosion resistance, making it an ideal armor to use in small maps where Tickers can blow you up to bits. While this armor won't completely negate explosion damage, it is still useful for staying alive and could be the very thing that saves you from getting blown up.

Background Story

Survivors were getting sick of these pesky explosives. Whether it be death by Ticker or Elemental explosions causing great injury. There needed to be a solution, some sort of armor that that could provide some sort of explosion-proof power.

And so, a quest was launched by survivors in order to find a vest that can have some explosive resistance. A few weeks into the quest, Survivors came across a worn, tattered vest in Subway under some debris. The vest had seemed to provide whatever survivor that had once worn it some sort of protection against an oncoming Ticker, with the remains of a tattered hazmat suit laying nearby, but also with very little damage done to the survivor's body.

After the survivors brought back the vest, they repaired it, tested it, and brought the Flakvest into the market for sale. It sold very well, and it was ideal to bring it nearly anywhere, with its added health. However, survivors still knew that even with its health protection, they were still vulnerable to other types of attacks. Nevertheless, it was commonly loved by many survivors.


  • Use this on cramped maps to counter those pesky Tickers!
    • This is also useful against the Elemental's Rebirth and Transform move.
      • You are far more likely to die to an Elemental's fire or electricity, though.
    • This does not protect against a Brute club's knockback, but it does reduce the damage.
  • The Flakvest is quite useful in Free For All because explosives (such as the Grenade) have very little effect.
    • Note that you are more likely to be killed due to the trip effect.
  • While negating most the damage from a M202 or X-Mas Launcher, rocket jumping with this isn't recommended due to the long stun time.
    • The RPG will most likely kill you before you can rocket jump.
  • Try to block a Ticker rush with this. Not only will it negate most of the damage, but also help your team as it avoids blowing them into pieces.
    • Don't do this while on low health or there are no teammates around you.
    • Only do this as a precautionary tactic, if all hope is lost.
  • You can also use this to survive Papa Squid's iron rainfall, as it depletes almost 100% HP without this.


  • High Health
  • Explosive Resistance
  • Included Ammo


  • Expensive



  • v1.3.3
    • Rank changed from 9 to 12.

  • Flakvest is a returning vest from R2D 2014.
    • This is the second returning vest from R2D.

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