A rusty Fishing Boat used to sail the seven seas and now it's an apocalypse vehicle ready to carry those survivors to safety once... Again.

This is used in Blox Harbor Campaign as the first rescue vehicle in the campaign. After alerting the supposed captain of the Fishing Boat through the use of Barrels, the boat will dock at the wooden pier on the main island. After getting 10 Rations, the Fishing Boat is set sail onto the abandoned island. There, you must build your second rescue vehicle, the Raft.

This Boat is also used in Coastline Clash Campaign, being the rescue vehicle after completing all objectives. You have to wait up to 3 minutes after placing the Lightbulb in the lighthouse.


Blox Harbor

  • The pier is the only entrance from Fishing Boat, making easy to defend.
  • The Boat can be used as a camping spot when you hit the abandoned island if you cannot complete the Campaign as the risk of AI Infecteds is significantly reduced.

Coastline Clash

  • The Fishing Boat only comes for rescue after all the other campaign objectives are complete.
    • Even then you still need to wait up to 3 minutes for the boat to come.
    • The boat sails near the island with the lighthouse, but it doesn't station there. You can try to board the Fishing Boat if you have a Duck Mount or Jetpack.
    • It stations by the largest chunk of the bridge that is broken on the main island.
    • The boat leaves in 40 seconds. Assuming that a player is still on that island with the lighthouse, they'd have to board the Zipline Raft again and run towards the Fishing Boat.
    • The Jetski is recommended to reach the Fishing Boat safely, though you can move towards the area where the Fishing Boat will dock before it arrives.


  • The Fishing Boat design is similar to Saint Lidia II from Left 4 Dead.
  • The Fishing Boat is the second returning vehicle from R2D 2009.
  • The Fishing Boat model can be found and purchased here.
  • The Fishing Boat will always fall into the water (and the void) if the survivors fail to win Blox Harbor Campaign

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