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"Prepare to fight back Elementals!!!"
―Rocket Bunny


The Firevest is an armor which allows players to take no fire damage from Fire Elementals or any type of fire. Fire protection is a pretty big thing, so only a small amount of bonus health is given.

At least it's cheap.

Background Story

Because painting a regular lifevest yellow will somehow grant you invulnerability to fire.

Just kidding! It's a fire-retardant vest made with Asbestos, that coincidentally resembles a lifevest. The manufacturers simply made it yellow to make it distinguishable from regular lifevests that don't do much. Unlike those red things, however, these actually grant you some decent protection against literal beings of fire.

Unfortunately for you (that is if you buy it), it's quite fragile.


  • Although you are immune from being burnt by coming in contact with Fire Elementals, it's still not recommended to fight them without precaution.
  • You can stun them using a melee, as you won't get burnt by touching them
    • You aren't completely invulnerable to them, as they can still hurt (and stun) you with their Rebirth.
    • Heavily damaging them without killing them will allow them to switch to an Electric Elemental.
      • You aren't completely immune to them at all, so all-in-all, just keep your distance.
  • Your own Molotov, Jerry Can and Fire Projectile (from the Chinalake) will still damage you, even if you are wearing a Firevest, though not directly through fire damage.
    • If you're throwing one down, keep your distance from the circle of fire.
    • Although it says Fire-Proof, you will still take damage for standing in your fire. you won't however, take damage from other player's fire, with the exception of Fire Elemental's circle of fire, when they use Rebirth.
      • It happens due to a bug with the circle of fire where it deals a lot of damage for unknown reasons.
  • Environmental fires do not damage you. This allows some perks such as:
    • Extinguishing Panama's Boat with ease and with no risk of loss of health.
    • Climbing to the top of Bouri Rig 71 tower remains and being able to set up a base.
  • It is recommended to bring this to the Lord Pumpkin Jr. boss fight as, while wearing this, his Flamethrower move will not damage you.


  • Cheap
  • Fire Resistance
  • Low Ranked


  • No Extra Ammo
  • Low Health



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 1 to 5.

  • This is the first returning vest from R2D 2014.
  • The Firevest has the same model as the Lifevest. It is only recoloured.
    • Whenever a player zombifies, a bug will occur where this vest will turn green.
      • As both vests use the same model, this bug applies to both iterations.
  • This is the first piece of armor designed to counter a specific zombie, along with some other weapons.