"Celebrate good times with an explosive surprise!"


In celebration of the 100th update of R2DA, some special Fireboxes you can detonate into the sky have arrived!

On click, the box in your hands is dropped. When the timer expires, experience the miraculous light-show that is contained within such a small container.

Background Story

In honour of their first birthday, employees from both L-Brain Sidework and R-Brain Hardwork got together to host a barbecue. Somewhere along the way, someone had the bright idea to bring along some Fireboxes. As these produce noise, and noise attracts zombies, this person wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. It was probably someone from accounting.

Luckily, before the first one could be lit, that person was stopped. All was well and good, except for the extreme surplus of Fireboxes lying around and a fuming employee.

To burn through the supply, these were put on sale until further notice.


  • The explosion will also damage people around you (includes survivors in PvP modes such as Free For All), so if you want to celebrate, make sure to not use it near people.
  • This has a 10% chance of exploding with you still holding it. If you attempt to detonate it; this will kill you except if you have the Flakvest.
    • Shooting at the box, once dropped, will not detonate it.


  • It can be assumed that the Firebox was influenced by the 8M Firework.
  • Here is the link to the texture on the side of the Firebox.
  • This is the first item in R2DA to have PlaceRebuilder's face plastered on it.

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