"карманный Элементал, практически. ну - эти гранаты работают почти ТАК ЖЕ, и...ну, просто фантазия заиграла."


Fire is a bullet type attachment. It can be equipped for 250$ for the Chinalake. To swap to Fire grenades, you must press "E". You cannot reload ammunition types at Ammo Stations.

As suggested, these grenades burn anyone within the radius of the fire ring. A small blast radius is created (dealing minimal damage) before creating a small ring of fire.


  • You need to press "E" to enable and disable this.
  • Bringing armor that grant extra magazines, such as the Tactical II, will increase ammunition type bullets too.
    • The Flakvest will also give three more Fire Grenades.
  • The fire effect does not affect Elementals and will instead heal them.
  • This is better on hordes rather than individual zombies.
  • With this, you basically get another full reload worth of ammunition. Use wisely as you cannot reload these bullets.
  • These grenades deal less damage than normal (about 20 damage). Do not use this to kill any mobs specifically.
  • You can burn yourself if you are too close to the grenade.
    • Wear fireproof armors such as the Firevest to prevent this.
  • The ring of fire created is smaller than the one created by the Molotov, but it lasts slightly longer.


  • Like most ammunition types, this is banned in PvP modes.

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