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"Deploying incendiary ammo!"
―Left 4 Dead 2 survivors


Fire is a bullet type attachment. It can be equipped at varying prices for certain weapons. To swap to Fire bullets, you must press "E". You cannot reload ammunition types at Ammo Stations.

As suggested, these bullets set enemies alight when hit with one of these bullets. They have a dark orange trail and produce a flame particle when they hit a wall.


  • You need to press "E" to enable and disable this.
  • Bringing armor that grant extra magazines, such as the Tactical II, will increase ammunition type bullets too.
    • This applies to the Power attribute, for the Bandolier, as well.
  • The fire effect does not stack, it is better to shoot something with regular bullets if it is on fire.
    • Do not use this with ice weapons such as the Ice Gun or Ice Ammo as this will thaw them.
  • While this does not heal Elementals, it is better just to use regular bullets as this does not do any extra damage towards them.
  • With this, you basically get another full reload worth of ammunition. Use wisely as you cannot reload these bullets.


  • First attachment that cannot be permanently bought.
  • This is banned in PvP, the first attachment to do so like its counterparts, Ice and Explosion.
    • In Debug, this was allowed in PvP.
  • If this is equipped with a Golden skin weapon, this will not turn zombies golden if they are killed indirectly through fire.
  • The icon is shared with the Napalm Attachment.