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"This light was once useful one day. But, the batteries ran out; until now."


The Lazex 2AA and the Fenix PD35 are underbarreled attachments that are equipped for the Skorpion. The Fenix PD35 is a flashlight attachment.

While it cannot light up the night (by pressing "X", a flashlight will appear regardless if you have this attachment or not), it does give some accuracy.

Background Story

The Lazex and Fenix are like siblings. They both managed to survive the breakdown of summer and find a place with the Skorpion. The Lazex is the younger of the pair, coming shortly before and after the new world outbreak. The Fenix was tapped and mounted onto nearly every gun in the old-world outbreak.

Oddly, the batteries needed to use these attachments were no longer being produced for a long time; production has resumed since then.


  • This attachment can improve the Skorpion marginally.
  • The Fenix is more expensive than the Lazex 2AA due to the fact accuracy is the Skorpion's downfall (90 range vs 50 accuracy).
  • Treat the weapon with the Fenix PD35 equipped like you would treat a normal gun.



  • v0.7.2
    • Accuracy changed from +15 to +0.
  • v0.9.6
    • Accuracy changed from +0 to +10.
  • v1.4.5
    • Accuracy changed from +10 to +20.
  • v1.5.3
    • Accuracy changed from +20 to +25.

  • This attachment was on top of the M4A1 barrel instead of being underneath it.
  • Pre-accuracy rework, in v0.7.2, this really helped the Skorpion which explains the high cost.