"Gotta go slightly faster!"


The Faster Reload collection is a passive buff that can shorten a reload on a gun by up to 100%. Understandably, only certain guns are compatible with certain tiers.

Background Story

Renowned the world over, the Faster Reload series has shattered records for being the first practical children's picture book. Instead of showing unnecessary things like those flimsy letters or saturated colours, this series gets straight to the essentials in life: survival skills.

With some easy-to-understand pictures, a toddler can reload a revolver quickly and professionally — even in their sleep! People of all ages live for this series, so why aren't you?

It can even change your life.


  • For an example of how these work, think of idle games.
    • 100% means you are twice as efficient.
      • If a reload takes 3 seconds, you now take 1.5 seconds.
    • 50% means you are a quarter more efficient.
      • If a reload takes 3 seconds, you now take 2.25 seconds.
    • 25% means you are an eighth more efficient.
      • If a reload takes 3 seconds, you now take 2.625 seconds.
  • The difference made can be the difference between life and death.
    • This is especially so when facing off against other players.


  • These are one of the few Attachments that cannot be seen.
  • When the 100% Faster Reloading was 15,000$, it held the record of most expensive attachment. It got changed to 10,000$ at an unknown version.
  • The shortened version of this attachment has many names.
    • For the Steyr M it is "ReloadSpeed", for the Wingmaster 870 it is "Reload...", for all other weapons it is "SReload [Value]".
  • Wingmaster 870 does a different reload animation when Faster Reload is equipped.
Weapon Reload Times
Weapon Steyr M DB Shotgun RPG Colt Python Barrett 50 Cal. Wingmaster 870
Normal Reload 1.4s 2.9s 1.8s 2.9s 2.9s 0.9s (Initial)
0.4s (Subsequent)
25% 1.1s 2.3s 1.5s 2.3s 2.2s 0.8s (Initial)
0.3s (Subsequent)
50% 0.8s 1.85s 1.2s 1.85s - -
100% 0.65s - - - - -


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