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"Ahhh, the old Farmhouse is back in R2DA. With bigger house and bigger space. But, it doesn't come furnished for the zombie apocalypse. Just try not to camp in the house."


Farmhouse is a pretty basic map. As the name suggests, there's a farmhouse in the middle of a field.

Considering this was one of the first maps in the R2D series, it's nice to see it come back one more time.

Background Story

After escaping through the foggy plains of Last Harvest, the remaining survivors encountered this familiar place.

When you're running for your life, time becomes a blur.

How long have you been doing this? How many days have passed? Months? Years?

Why does this place look so familiar?


Just by glancing at this map, it's pretty obvious that it has been split up into two areas: the field, and the house.

The field is rather self-explanatory though. It's open and you can see anyone approaching you.

The house itself is a three-story one. On the first floor, to the left is the living room which is connected to a kitchen. To the right are some bathrooms and some other rooms.

Using the grand staircase, you can get onto the second floor. By using the door on your right, you complete a circuit of sorts and loop around the floor. A small clearing connected to other rooms can be reached, and a staircase to the third floor can be seen.

Using that staircase, you enter a small area that has chairs that can be pushed around. Through the doorway, is the attic. It's a large and empty area, but there are windows you can use in case it gets hairy.

The roof is pretty open, but there's some truss on that you can see on the backside of the house. You could climb up it to avoid going through the house altogether.


  • The farmhouse itself is enclosed quite tightly. Short-ranged weapons like shotguns and automatics are recommended.
  • Due to the (slightly) vast amount of space outside the farmhouse, snipers may be needed to cover the distance.
  • You can access the roof of the house through the windows in the attic and the trusses at the back.
    • You can also use the Duck Mount, the Jetpack or the Boo Blast to get to the roof.
    • Use the window entrance if you need to reload, but be careful of the glass shards.
    • Since the Stalker was added, don't try to stay on the roof for too long. They can grab you and throw you off, which causes fall damage.
      • Use this to your advantage if you're a Stalker.
  • You can't ride the tractor.
  • If you plan on surviving outdoors, bringing weapons like the Baseball Bat or the Shovel can help potentially knock zombies off the edge and into the void.
  • Due to how many windows there are in the house, there is an abundance of glass shards the Elemental can use to hurt itself to charge Brutes and transform.


  • When first released, the wheat field did not show up at all. This was fixed in v0.9.5.
  • Farmhouse is a remake of a map from the first R2D.
  • This is the second map to use plenty of Smooth Terrain that isn't the water material, with the first being Last Harvest.
  • This is the second map to not allow explosions to pierce through floors, with the first being No Mercy Hospital.
  • The Campaign is based off the rescue of the original R2D rescue.
  • If you shoot the Gramophone, it will start to play Late - Night Rock.
  • There are a couple of Shovels visible on the side of the house.