"This vest isn't really, SHOCKING! Hahhahahah... Not funny. :("


This armor offers protection against Electric Elementals but does not offer protection against Fire Elementals.

This armor also provides protection against the Charged Brute's Charged Smash and King Cherrycake's sweet shock attack.

Background Story

A very advanced vest developed by the military. It negates all electricity damage and is very expensive to produce. Though intended for combat purposes, these vests has been utilized for more... unconventional purposes, like building infrastructure or sticking a fork into a toaster to prove that the user is somehow immune to all electrical damage, despite the vest only covering the torso. Believe it or not, it somehow makes users completely invulnerable to electricity. However, it's prone to being set on fire.

The first Faraday Vest prototype was tested by select few during a fight against Yeti II. Their criticism of the vest led to the release of the Faraday Vest being delayed for a year.


  • With the addition of this armor, the game becomes a gamble: will you be seeing more electricity in your life, or will you be seeing more fire?
    • Since Elementals must be low on health in order to become electric, they may intentionally damage themselves using glass.
  • You can use this vest to significantly reduce the effect of Radiation inflicted by Tickers.
  • Use this while playing on a wide and open map. An attack from an Electric Elemental can come from a surprising distance away.
  • If you see an Electric Elemental at low health, don't attempt to melee it.
  • In King Cherrycake, this is the most effective armor as it prevents one of his attacks, the Sweet Shock.
  • This armor is immune to attacks from the Boo Buster. Use it to your advantage in Free For All, Party Deathmatch and Undead Battleground.
  • This armor is great for maps that contain lots of glass due to Elementals damaging themselves to turn electric.


  • High Health
  • Shock Resistance
  • High Radiation Resistance
  • Included Ammo


  • Expensive
  • High Ranked



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 20 to 26.

  • This was the highest rank-locked armor in R2DA until the rank from Bulldozer II increased to 22.
  • This is the second vest to counter a specific zombie, with the first being the Firevest.
  • This is the fourth vest to offer radiation protection, the other three being Bulldozer I, Bulldozer II and Crab Armor.
    • This vest is the most effective at reducing radiation by -85% compared to -50%, -25% and -10% of the Bulldozer I, Bulldozer II and Crab Armor respectively.
  • This is the second non-event vest to not be modeled by Phalanyx, with first being the Bandolier.
  • The name is based on Michael Faraday, a scientist that contributed to electromagnetism.
  • This took a full year to release after its leak.
  • The first futuristic armor in the entire R2D series.
    • This is also the first futuristic general item that isn't exclusive and is available to the public.

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