Fame is an acquired stat/currency in R2DA that has many different functions. For one, it tells the game that you can be trusted to do certain task objectives in Campaign or Evacuation without trolling, messing up on purpose, not knowing what to do and other related actions.

You can earn Fame by doing basic task objectives like taking part in fully-raising a flag, saving an NPC*, or returning an item back to its rightful place to win the round. However, you can also lose that Fame by doing various things.

The amount of Fame you have is seen when you hover your mouse over your rank bar or open up the scoreboard in-game using Tab.

Currently, the only item you can buy with Fame is the Phial of Galadriel. However, you can use Fame to loan a Key.

* The gamemode that allowed you to do this has now been removed from the game.

Ways to earn Fame

Method # of Fame
Successfully raising a flag on Capture the Base. 1 per flag
Successfully driving the boat to safety in Panama Beach. 1 for every person rescued.
Successfully returning the tire(s) in 1930's Kingstreet or Blackfield Station. 1 per tire
Completing Obstacle 1 or 4 during Chronos Chamber while having the Key. 6
(0 if Key is fame-free)
Pressing the Button on Detour 1 in Pumpkin's Quest. 1
Pressing the Button on Detour 1 in Yeti's Quest. 1
Placing the Antenna in Blackfield Station. 1
Placing a Ration into the Truck in Farmhouse. 1 per Ration
Placing a Ration into the Boat in Blox Harbor. 1 per Ration
Placing a Pipe next to the pump in M.S Antares. 1 per Pipe
Completing Obstacle 4 or 6 during King Cherrycake's Quest while having the Key. 11
(0 if Key is fame-free)
Touching the star in Obstacle 1 in King Cherrycake's Quest. 1
Be the last one that pushes the Gas Tank to its final destination in Campfire Chaos II. 1
Call the Radio in Campfire Chaos II. 1
Pushing the Minecart to its resting position, either way, in Zero Kelvin Station. 1
Exposing a Naquadah using a Pickaxe in Zero Kelvin Station. 1 per Naquadah
Blowing up a tree with the Barrel in Blox Harbor. 1
Placing a piece of Wood on the Raft in Blox Harbor. 1
Using the Flare correctly in Sewers. 1
Getting the Froggo in the Squid Chest. 5
Putting a Wooden Barrel into the Wagon. 1 per barrel
Be the last one that pushes the Wagon to its final destination in Coastline Clash. 1
Activate the valve in Coastline Clash. 1
Put the Lightbulb in the lighthouse in Coastline Clash. 1
Destroy the Boo Tree in Boo's Holdout. 1
Give Leeroy the NRGY Drink. 1

Ways to lose Fame

Method # of Fame
Buying the Phial of Galadriel from PlaceRebuilder. 100 per bunch
Be the first to attempt to drive the boat on Panama Beach. 4
Loaning a Key during Chronos Chamber. 5
Loaning a Key during King Cherrycake's Quest. 10
Initiating a Vote Kick. 5
Activating the button on the Outcast Island in R2DA Wipeout. 5
Using "GRR33W" code. 1


  • There are 3 sounds within PlaceRebuilder's inventory associated with Fame:
    • Fameup, which plays when you receive 1 Fame.
    • Famedown, which plays when you lose Fame.
    • MultipleFameup, which plays when you receive multiple Fame at once.
  • Driving the Victory Truck used to cost fame, but no longer uses Fame to drive because it's AI-controlled.
    • The person who had drove the truck would get 4 Fame (the amount required to drive the Victory Truck) plus 1 Fame for every other person rescued.
  • Intentionally killing Sam in Evacuation was another way one could lose Fame.
    • You would need 10 Fame to protect her and if you had won Evacuation, you would win 20 Fame.
  • You could have gotten 2 Fame through the Friendly Recruiter achievement.
  • You used to lose 1 Fame by dropping a Tire in the 1930's Kingstreet Campaign into the water.

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