"Another Built-In Scope, another weapon for the community to complain about"


The FATAL6 Scope is a non-detachable optic attachment only for the FATAL6. It is included with the FATAL6 itself and the whole gun itself is only given to BelowNatural and PlaceRebuilder.

Background Story

The power of the Built-In Scope is what inspired K177 to build this super-powered scope.

Surprisingly, there was another more futuristic build coming along the way. This was merely a distraction.


  • Use this to spot enemies from afar.
    • The high damage from the FATAL6 should compensate for drop-offs.


  • Second Attachment that is non-detachable, after the Built-In Scope.
    • Prior to v1.3.4, this used the same sightmark as the Built-In Scope.

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