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"Due to the fact this weapon is so legendary, only BelowNatural and PlaceRebuilder can claim this quote. Or the heat death of the universe happens and nobody claims this quote."


No words. Only purity at its finest.

The FATAL6 is an exclusive weapon for BelowNatural and PlaceRebuilder. As the name suggests, this weapon is very good at long ranges.

Background Story

Enter PlaceRebuilder and his assistant BelowNatural. After the somewhat mass production of FATAL5s, they went to K177 headquarters. Well, if you can call hell a headquarter.

They had the blueprints for something so powerful, only two people had the power to wield it, due to its immense power. K177 went to work with what little materials he had.

The blueprints are kept secret. The image we show may not even be a true representation of the sheer awesomeness of the weapon.


  • This weapon is incredibly accurate at long ranges.
  • Use this weapon to make everyone jealous and make them know you are a powerful person.


  • Very High Total Damage
  • High Magazine Ammo
  • High Damage
  • High Damage per Magazine
  • Hard Impact
  • Quick Reload
  • High Range
  • High Accuracy


  • Highly Exclusive



  • v1.2.7
    • Damage changed from 180 to 242.
  • v1.3.4
    • Animations changed.

  • Third exclusive weapon.
    • First weapon to be restricted to certain people, not a group of people.
  • This is most definitely the rarest weapon in R2DA.
  • Fourth weapon to penetrate through zombies, not including the Railgun.
    • This has the same firing sound as the Railgun.
  • This weapon was made due to BelowNatural's many contributions to the game, including the R2DA Halloween Event 2018.
  • The FATAL6 is based off the Night-Night Gun from Agents of Shield.
  • The original name of the FATAL6 was the Nite-Nite Rifle.
  • The original idle pose of the FATAL6 can be found here.