The Extra Ammo attachment increases the amount of bullets you can fire at zombies before reloading. This is quite a useful attachment to increase ammunition output. Just don't ask how it works for the Wingmaster 870.

Background Story

Extended Mags were useful, but they wasted material that could be used elsewhere. It was decided by L-Brain Sidework and R-Brain Hardwork to sell the individual ammunition clips, without the costly magazine.

Of course, environmentalists were happy. The two or so that were alive at least.


  • It's highly recommended to buy this attachment as it gives no drawbacks.
  • Though you have extra bullets to spare, don't think that means you can just shoot wherever without consequences.
    • Try to conserve ammo to avoid frequent long reloads.
  • For the Wingmaster 870 and Steyr M, this takes up the attachment slot for Rebel Pose and Faster Reload.
    • For the former, this isn't much of a problem as Rebel Pose is a cosmetic attachment. For the latter, decide whether you want Extra Ammo or Faster Reloading.
  • During Boss, this can be a great attachment to deal more overall damage.
  • Ammunition Types are boosted in ammunition by this.


  • This is the replacement for the Extended Mags attachment.
  • The full name of this attachment is "Extra Ammunition".
    • In-game, this is shortened to "ExtraAmmo" or "+Ammo".

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