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"I'm still not sure how almost every type of ammo can fit in such a small box. I mean, the presents from the X-Mas Launcher are bigger than this little tiny little thing!"


Extra Ammo is a portable Ammo Station that drops down onto the floor when you buy it from the In-Game Store. It serves as a temporary aid while fighting an approaching horde. You can only buy one each round.

There is a chance that Jacksplot 7 and Slotpack will drop an Extra Ammo box. However, from the Slotpack it can only be refilled from it once.


  • Use this when camping and there are no Ammo Stations nearby.
  • This can be very useful on maps that don't have a lot of Ammo Stations.
  • You can refill from these small boxes at a grand total of 2 times (once for the Slotpack Extra Ammo).
    • After being placed down once, you cannot buy another one. After the round ends, the box will disappear.
    • You can only get 2 rockets for the RPG and 6 rockets for the Tri-Blaster from an Extra Ammo box.
    • You still cannot reload the Minigun from this.
  • All survivors can use this if you have placed this down, not just you.


  • These make a small appearance on Ammo Stations themselves.
    • There is a total of four on it.
  • The appearance of the small box is based off an HMG round box.
  • Up until v1.0.0, these used to persist between rounds when the same map was picked multiple times over.
    • After v1.0.0, the Extra Ammo box would disappear after the round has ended, even if it was the same map next.