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"2 plus 3 is 5, minus 1 is 4, QUICK MAGS"


Extended magazine capacity for the HK416 and the SCAR-H. Increases the ammunition capacity from 16 rounds to 20 rounds for the HK416 and 32 rounds to 36 rounds for the SCAR-H.

Background Story

Once more, the complaints flooded in. The gun didn't have enough bullets! It wasn't accurate enough!

Headaches galore for those at R-Brain Hardwork, who had grown sick of this. They couldn't ship the gun with a higher capacity magazine, as it would increase cost. After countless deaths and some debate, they decided to release the extended magazine, for a fee.


  • If you have this, there is no reason not to use it, as it has no downsides.
  • Though it adds more bullets, this doesn't mean you should go and waste the extra ammo. Conserve it or you will likely end up dying, from lack of ammo.


  • First attachment to give more ammo, alongside the Drum Mag.
  • Despite what it seems, this attachment doesn’t change the weapon aesthetically.

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