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"2 plus 3 is 5, minus 1 is 4, QUICK MAGS"


Extended Mags is an attachment that increased magazine capacity for the FAL, Dragunov and Barrett 50 Cal.. It increases the ammunition capacity from 20 rounds to 30 rounds for the FAL and gives +4 ammunition capacity for Dragunov and Barrett 50 Cal. Was also formerly used for the SCAR-H and HK416.

Background Story

Once more, the complaints flooded in. The gun didn't have enough bullets! It wasn't accurate enough!

Headaches galore for those at R-Brain Hardwork, who had grown sick of this. They couldn't ship the gun with a higher capacity magazine, as it would increase the cost. After countless deaths and some debate, they decided to release the extended magazine, for a fee.


  • If you have this, there is no reason not to use it, as it has no downsides.
  • Though it adds more bullets, this doesn't mean you should go and waste the extra ammo. Conserve it or you will likely end up dying from lack of ammo.
  • The attachment is recommended against Bosses to increase your total damage output.



  • v1.3.9
    • Ammo increased from +4 to +10.
  • v1.4.6
    • Steel Mag changed from 2,250$ to 3,500$.