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"This attachment made the Steyr M a pocket M202 and also gave the M202, RPG, and Tri-Blaster existential crisis"


Explosion is a bullet type attachment. It can be equipped at varying prices for certain weapons. To swap to Explosion bullets, you must press "E". You cannot reload ammunition types at Ammo Stations.

As suggested, these bullets explode when they hit a wall or object. They have the ability to self-harm and produce a red bullet trail.


  • You need to press "E" to enable and disable this.
  • Bringing armor that grant extra magazines, such as the Tactical II, will increase ammunition type bullets too.
    • This applies to the Power attribute, for the Bandolier, as well.
  • You can self-harm with this, always check which bullets you are firing.
    • It is recommended to wear Flakvest if you know that you are clumsy enough to harm yourself.
  • This is very useful for great hordes of zombies, as opposed to individual zombies.
    • If there is just a singular Brute, it is better just to use regular bullets.
  • With this, you basically get another full reload worth of ammunition. Use wisely as you cannot reload these bullets.
  • You cannot explode Propanes, Jerry Cans or Barrels with this ammunition type.
    • You can still destroy windows with this.


  • First attachment that cannot be permanently bought.
    • This comes along with Ice and Fire ammunition type.
  • This is banned in PvP, the first attachment to do so like its counterparts, Ice and Fire.
    • In Debug, this was allowed in PvP.
  • It was suggested by PlaceRebuilder himself in 2014.
  • This used to be 150$ for the Steyr M in Debug.
  • If you have equipped this for a weapon with the Golden skin, if you kill yourself, you will become golden.
    • The same is true for zombies killed indirectly though the explosion.