"Welcome to the apocalypse, where you can also get killed by bubbles."


This is an event mob for the Aquatic Event. It is a bubble that traps and suffocates survivors. It is spawned by Papa Squid.

Background Story

Papa Squid knew that the Survivors would mercilessly tear him apart and steal his chest if he didn't do anything about it. Before the fight started, the Colossal Squid was contemplating how to defeat them, when suddenly it spotted a survivor with a tinpot on its head at the ocean floor and realized something.

The mystical area around him made water breathable.

So he thought about how that worked. Why didn't it happen elsewhere? Did the survivors grow gills?

No, it couldn't be that. They would die outside of water then.

Did they seemingly evolve to tolerate it?

No, they wouldn't need the Jetski then.

He kept thinking of different ways the Survivors could live underwater, but then thought of something:

If the water is breathable by Survivors nearby him, what does air do nearby? 

So he conjured a homing bubble, trapped the Survivor in it, and frankly, they were suffocated inside the bubble. The Colossal Squid had then realized that air near him is transformed into a deadly gas, and decides to use that fact against the Impending Doom.

Sadly, what he didn't notice is that the bullets the Survivors used against anything that stands in their way were relatively sharp.


  • The bubbles rapidly damage those inside them. Think of them as a stronger Leaper that could float around.
  • Try to shoot the bubbles the moment they spawn to prevent anymore deaths.
  • If somebody is trapped inside a bubble, shoot it before the bubble kills them.


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