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The Error Console is menu that allows users to pinpoint scripting errors to report to PlaceRebuilder, allowing him to patch glitches. You can access this menu in-game by typing "/console" into the chat, or double tapping the top right corner on Tablet.

The Console in-game.


Common Errors

ContentProdiver:Preload() failed

  • This means an asset has failed to load in while you were waiting for assets to load. It's completely fine to ignore this.

Infinite yield possible on...

  • This means that a never ending yield is possible for an asset. Normally it's okay to ignore this.

Attempt to concatenate field

  • In computer programming, string concatenation is the operation of joining two character strings end-to-end. For example, the strings "snow" and "ball" may be concatenated to give "snowball".
    • If you see this then that means something could not be joined together. Most commonly this error happens when you try to change your main menu theme to "Merry Christmas".


  • The creation of the Error Console originates from a Roblox Developer Console error that caused immense lag, thus pushing PlaceRebuilder to create his own.
    • Another reason is so Tablet players can report mobile specific bugs.
  • The Server tab cannot be accessed, trying to do so will result in an error as it's only meant to be seen by PlaceRebuilder himself.
    • Only Head Moderators and PlaceRebuilder can legally access the server tab as it could be used for developing exploits.