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Emotes are ways you can express yourself in-game. The original R2D had custom and default Roblox animations for emotes but R2DA only has custom emotes. These options are normally used for comical purposes. Some R2DA emotes can change the face of your avatar. To use an emote, type in the chat bar the command /e [emote name].


These are all of the possible emotes that you can do in R2DA,

E-bf02.gif E-boi02.gif E-dab02.gif E-dance02.gif
/e bf /e boi /e dab /e dance
E-dance202.gif E-facepalm02.gif E-insane02.gif E-lalaland02.gif
/e dance2 /e facepalm /e insane /e lalaland
E-panic02.gif E-sit02.gif E-split02.gif E-wave02.gif
/e panic /e sit /e split /e wave
E-thriller02.gif E-stretch02.gif E-workout02.gif E-Suffering02.gif
/e thriller /e stretch /e workout (Removed) /e shuffle
E-peek.gif E-carlon.gif E-Coco02.gif E-Dance302.gif
/e peek /e carlton /e coco /e dance3

Creators and Implementation

  • BelowNatural
    • /e thriller (v1.1.5b)
    • /e stretch (v1.1.6)
    • /e workout (v1.1.6, removed v1.1.7)
    • /e lalaland (v0.9.9)
    • /e shuffle (v1.3.2)
    • /e boi (v0.9.9)
  • Username Withheld
    • /e bf (v0.9.9)
    • /e dance (v0.0.3, updated v0.0.4)
    • /e dance 2 (v0.0.3)
    • /e panic (v0.0.3)
    • /e facepalm (Unknown)
  • PlaceRebuilder
    • /e insane (v0.9.9)
      • Updated in v1.0.1 to have a custom face.
    • /e wave (v1.0.1)
    • /e sit (v0.9.9)
    • /e split (v0.9.9)
    • /e dab (v0.9.1)
  • Scrufus
    • /e carlton (v1.3.4)
    • /e peek (v1.3.4)
    • /e dance3 (v.1.3.8)
  • LunaticAxel
    • /e coco (v1.3.7)


  • R2DA does not support the standard /e point, /e cheer, or /e laugh seen in other ROBLOX games.
    • R2DA also does not support the new emotes like /e stadium, /e tilt, etc.
  • All emotes run on a loop except /e facepalm, /e dab, /e boi, /e bf, /e split, /e peek and /e wave.
  • You can only use emotes as a survivor, unlike R2D where survivors and zombies could do it.
    • Prior to v1.2.5, you could use emotes as a zombified survivor.
  • When /e panic was first added, the player's face changed during the animation. However, this was changed in later updates for unknown reasons why.
    • In v1.0.1, this was added back.
  • Doing /e sit, /e insane, /e workout (formerly) or /e split in certain areas of low standing water will kill so, as your torso is brought down to the waterline.
    • This is a notorious trolling method on the map Caved In, be careful if someone tells you to do an emote on water.
  • In v1.1.5, the /e sit emote left you floating in mid-air. This was fixed in v1.1.5a.
  • The /e workout emote was removed as it lead to some questionable poses in R2DA.
  • Emotes will work on Mounts with no special changes to the animations.
    • The only exception to the animation not changing is the Rocket Sleigh, as the mount flies, but it can be glitched to bump on the ground and stop.
  • Most of the emotes are based on something.
    • The /e dance emote may be a reference to the Kazotsky Kick in the old class-based shooter Team Fortress 2, but this is unlikely.
    • The /e lalaland emote may be a reference to the 2016 Romantic Comedy Film La La Land.
    • The /e thriller emote is a reference to the famous Thriller dance seen in the Michael Jackson music video.
    • The /e carlton emote is a reference to the Carlton Dance from the TV Show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
    • The /e dance3 emote is a reference to Peter Parker's dance from Spider-Man 3.
    • The /e shuffle emote is a reference to the Shuffle dance from the video clip Party Rock Anthem.
    • The /e coco emote is a reference to a meme in which a guy dances in a mall with the music of Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii.
  • Every emote changes the character's hitbox.
    • The most noticeable one, /e peek, changes the hitbox of the head, allowing for clearance for headshots.