"Mixtapes, molotovs, and everything lit. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect zombie, but game maker PlaceRebuilder accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction, R15. Thus, the Powerpu-... Elemental was born!"

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found nearly carbonised next to a barrel. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

Proof that mutation can be fascinating, if not detrimental. Burning creatures emerged from anywhere previously turned into dust and carbon, it's hard to tell either or not they used to be human beings. Set ablaze and not hindered by its own influence, this abomination launches balls of fire and implodes at you - due to its nature, close quarter combat is beyond ill-advised. Bullets work, but when possible, bring a fire extinguisher if you spot light in dark places, as it deems to be the most efficient way of handling them. Pray the heat doesn't consume you whole should it come in contact.


Before the Firevest was added, this mob was able to take out most survivors before they had time to react. Nowadays, these have been reduced to a strategist role in the game. Who can you burn? Who is in a good spot to explode right off the map?

Without the Firevest or the Fire Extinguisher, Elementals are pretty dangerous. With the X-Mas Cape, the highest health giving armor in the game, a 1/7th of your health will disappear with one mere touch. Additionally, Fire Elementals can transform into the arguably stronger Electric Elemental.

It is still worth remembering that Rebirth can affect everyone.

Background Story

The Elemental is a being surrounded in mystery.

It is not known how exactly one works. Some theories are that these are just infected people who have simply been changed and adapted by the SANI Virus. This is then disproven by a simple puff from a Fire Extinguisher. If the former was to be right, then some sort of remains would be found. Instead, Elementals simply vanish into thin air, regardless of execution method.

This has then led to some interesting theories, the most common being that the Elementals are actually not a product of the SANI Virus at all. In turn, this has led to many new questions. One of the most prevalent of these is a simple one.

If the theory is correct, what do these things have to gain from helping the SANI Virus? 


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
RTrigger XboxButton
Fireball: The Elemental fires a fireball, dealing 50 damage in 0.5 seconds as small 5 damage bursts.
Consumes 25 energy.
E key
X2T XXboxButton2
Transform: This move is similar to Rebirth, as it deals 40 damage and stuns nearby survivors. However, it transforms the Fire Elemental into the Electric Elemental. You must have less than 100 health to transform. If near a Brute, it will make them Charged.
Consumes 100 energy.
F key
B XboxButton
Rebirth: Creates an explosion, dealing 40 damage and stunning survivors nearby. Fully heals the user. Also creates a small ring of fire that will burn players that are inside it.
Consumes 100 energy.
Ignite (Passive): On touch, a survivor is set on fire. They are dealt 50 damage total in small 5 damage bursts.



  • Elementals give off a dim but fairly visible light.
    • Quick and experienced survivors could use this to dodge an explosion attempt.
  • Due to the flames, it is generally not recommended to melee this mob unless properly equipped with the Firevest or Pumpkin Vest. However, they may use Rebirth or Transform , exploding and hurting you.
  • Pipebombs are useful against this zombie. Just shave off any HP remaining after the explosion.
    • If a Ticker has also been attracted, don't bother, as your job has already been done for you.
  • Flamethrowers will heal this mob, so if you are using one, pay attention for an Elemental.
  • Quickly kill off any Elemental you see, as if they have under 100 health, they can transform into the Electric Variant.
    • If you cannot for whatever reason, it is vital you heal the Elemental with a Flamethrower.
  • Watch for any Elementals standing near an edge. A well-timed Rebirth can easily knock you off the structure.
  • The Fire Extinguisher and Splashy Washy can easily turn this zombie into free cash.
  • Be careful near thin walls, as explosions can still damage you even if you’re separated by a wall.
  • It might not be recommended, but using a melee weapon can damage and trip the Elemental, allowing time to escape.
    • You should only attempt this with a Firevest or Pumpkin Vest, unless the situation demands it.
      • Be aware that they can transform into the Electric Variant if they are on low health, damaging you.


  • Only an Elemental's Transform (for both variants) can charge a Brute, so be aware.
    • It's very tricky to transform into the Electric Variant as you need to have less than 100 health.
      • As Transform gives an explosion similar to Rebirth, you can not only transform, but also issue a quick stun leaving survivors open to attack.
  • Touch a survivor to light them on fire.
  • Use your speed to kill weak survivors.
  • Use your Rebirth ability wisely, as you are completely immobile and vulnerable to survivors not caught in the blast.
    • When you stun survivors after pressing "F", run over them to set them on fire. If they are wearing a Firevest or Pumpkin Vest, leave them for other zombies to finish them off.
    • This also works on AI zombies, giving you cash and EXP for evey AI you kill with your ring of fire (Rebirth)
    • If you have been damaged by survivors, try to hide and wait for your stamina until you are able to use Rebirth.
    • You can also use both Rebirth and Transform at the same time, dealing a total of 90 damage if you are under 100 HP.
      • Note that your stamina regenerates slowly.
  • Fire, whether naturally occurring or player-made, heals you.
    • Molotovs thrown by survivors heal Elementals for the duration of their burn.
    • Natural fires, such as the crashed Porta Coeli II on Bouri Rig 71 or the fire from the boat in Panama Beach, can heal you.
      • Keep in mind that you aren't completely invincible, as players can damage you faster than what the fire can heal you.
    • If a survivor has a Flamethrower, invite yourself into the flames to be healed.
      • Be careful when doing this as they can react accordingly by using their secondary, running away or calling for help.
    • If you are planning to change into an Electrical Elemental, try to stay away from all of the above.
  • The fire on top of the tower in Bouri Rig 71 does not heal the Elemental.
    • However, it makes a good camouflage for Elementals in Arena.
  • Combine your attacks with Leapers and Edgars, as you can deal more damage while survivors are pinned.
  • You cannot burn players effectively in water. They will be extinguished quickly.
  • Don't go near players with a Fire Extinguisher or Splashy Washy, as they will kill you relatively quickly.
  • When attracted to a Pipebomb, make sure to have over 200 HP to survive the Pipebomb.
    • If there is Ticker in the crowd, you are unlikely to survive the explosion as the Ticker's tanks will kill off the remaining HP you may have after the explosion.
  • If you find a survivor with a Firevest, be aware, you cannot damage them with most of your attacks.
    • You aren't completely useless to them, as your Rebirth and Transform attack can still stun them, leaving them easy prey for a swarm, and easier targets for Brutes.
  • An Elemental ignores the invincibility supplied by survivor melee attacks. Feel free to run into anyone with a weak melee weapon.
  • Be aware that using the Rebirth attack next to a Jerry Can or Propane will set those off.
    • For the case of the Jerry Can, you can heal yourself if you are damaged while in fire.
    • For the case of the Propane, you will kill yourself and zombies around you. You will, however, get cash and some EXP for this.


  • This is the first zombie to use the R15 rig.
  • The Elemental is another returning mob from R2D.
    • The 2nd returning mob that came to R2DA, with the first being the Edgar.
  • The Elemental was added in v0.7.9.
  • The first zombie that has more than 100 energy.
  • Elemental buying was nerfed in v0.8.5.
    • The price rose from 215$ to 300$.
    • The cooldown also rose from 90s to 120s.
  • Explosions don't heal Elementals, though Elementals can explode themselves.
  • Jumping while as an Elemental consumes less stamina compared to other zombies.
  • When the Flamethrower was initially released, they could kill Elementals, but then the afterburn would heal them.
    • This was fixed in v0.9.1.
  • During v0.9.5, the Elemental got a new face.
  • After v1.4.2, Rebirth now creates a ring of fire.
    • This is similar to R2D 2014's Elemental Fire Drop.
    • The fire created by Rebirth can affect AI Infecteds.
  • When the Elemental was added, it was the only mob that spawned due to a glitch.

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