"I can already see the puns that can come from this. Ohm my, watt happened? The Elemental has been AMPed up!? That's quite shocking! That's part of many other side-effects of being an Elemental."

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found stuck in barbed wires of a power plant. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

Addendum: Not long ago the Elemental beasts learned how to harvest electricity and manipulate their jolts into an extreme method of incapacitation. The warmth seems to be converted into pure energy... do not be stubborn, however, as this one may not be as painfully searing, but it can and will agonize you beyond your limits. I've felt it, my muscles and everything else, slowly feel as if they're becoming devoid of every cell - it's like getting tased, but with a pinch of death thrown in. The pain is not something I ever wish to experience ever again.


Elementals aren't just fire and ice, they can also become other elements too, such as electricity. This zombie can charge Brutes, shock survivors, and summon a deadly network of sparks. Without a quick reaction, this zombie can zap you into dust if you're not careful.

Only the Faraday Vest can save you from this zombie's nasty zap. But if you did choose the Faraday Vest, you'll have to face their natural side of inferno from Hell. It's up to you to decide which is worse. They are vulnerable to Fire Extinguishers, just like their fire counterparts.

At all costs, kill it quickly or avoid this creature at all times!

Background Story

As the survivors moved from the north and into the south, whatever created these beings began to change them again.

Overtime, by drawing electricity from the more urban landscape through power lines and generators, the Elemental lost its ice power. Eventually, they were adapted to produce volts of electricity through their bodies like batteries and thus, the Electric Elemental was born.

Now, survivors have to choose between one of two deaths. One burnt to a crisp, and one dying, petrified, in a second - with millions of volts running through their body.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
LMB Hold
RTriggerHold XboxButton
Bolt: The Elemental fires a bolt that disables a survivor's movement and weapons and does damage over time. Hold click on a survivor to activate, the longer you hold, the higher the damage, which caps at 50 DPS and starts at 5. Consumes 20 energy per second.
E key
X2T XXboxButton2
Transform: Creates an explosion, dealing 40 damage and stunning survivors nearby. Fully heals the Elemental, and transforms the Electric Elemental into the Fire Elemental. Charges a Brute if one is nearby. Consumes 100 energy, and you need to be under or at 100 health to be able to do so.
F key
B XboxButton
Recharge: Creates a network of sparks, dealing 50 damage and shocking nearby survivors. Fully heals the Elemental. Cannot charge a Brute. Consumes 100 energy.
Shock (Passive): On touch, a survivor is shocked and stunned. They are dealt 50 damage total in fast 5 damage bursts.



  • It has to stand completely still while using its bolt to shock someone, leaving it vulnerable and allowing you to save a teammate.
  • This Elemental can nearly kill you just by making contact, so be sure to keep your distance.
    • This, however, has since been nerfed, at v1.0.3, so that there is a 5-second cooldown.
  • As with the Fire Elemental, the Fire Extinguisher is an extremely easy and relatively safe way to get rid of these.
  • The bolt attack can leave you extremely vulnerable to swarms.
  • Remember, there's a glitch where if you kill an Electric Elemental at the same time you are shocked, you remain shocked forever.
  • Just generally stay away from these.
    • Like the Fire Elemental's red/yellow glow, Electric Elementals have a blue glow.
    • This glow can help alert you to either version's presence.
      • However, the glow itself is rather dim. Keep your wits about.
  • Use the Faraday Vest to null the effects of the Electric Elemental. All its attacks will be useless, excluding Transform.
    • Wearing the vest does, however, make you vulnerable to the Fire Elemental.
  • The Electric Elemental is extremely common in maps such as No Mercy due to the high volume of glass shards in the map.


  • Remember that you must have under 100 health as the Fire Elemental to transform into this mob.
    • Use the environment around you to damage yourself on purpose to do so. Glass is the most common and easiest way to do this.
    • You can get another Brute to shatter some windows for you.
  • Whenever you see a Brute, try and help them by charging them.
    • You can only charge Brutes, and only the Elemental's Transform (for both Elementals) can charge a Brute.
  • Paired with a Charged Brute, both of you can wreak havoc.
  • Use yourself to shock the survivors.
  • Flamethrowers and Molotovs heal you, don't be afraid of them.
  • Avoid the Fire Extinguisher, you can be killed by it.
  • 220 health isn't a lot, stay near other zombies and avoid walking out into the open.
  • When an Edgar catches a survivor, you can zap the tongue to zap the captured survivor.
  • Zapping someone will automatically disarm the weapon or item they are currently holding. Consider shocking survivors periodically to disable them while others attack them.
    • Most notably, you can shock a survivor with a Minigun to make them have to spin up again.
  • Electric Elementals can't help lower flags on Capture the Base, so it's best to kill survivors before they get to a flag.
    • However, this is presumably a bug and will be most likely fixed soon.


  • Named "Jolt" by the community and PlaceRebuilder.
  • This zombie appears to have replaced the Ice Elemental from the previous R2D.
  • This mob does the most damage by just touching you, similar to the Fire Elemental.
  • When the mob dies, it turns into a small flame, which is used when the Fire Elemental dies. This could be changed later on.
  • During debug, you could change into the Electric Elemental by the Fire Elemental's Rebirth/Transform, but you could not change back.
  • First zombie that directly helps another mob.
  • There's a glitch where you can damage zombified players with this zombie.
  • The Electric Elemental is probably one of the most dangerous zombies added, as it does a 50 damage shock attack, is very agile, and creating one can charge a Brute, quickly changing the pace of the game.
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