"There will be no electricity puns when the Electric M249 starts destroying the electrically charged joke makers."


Electric is a mysterious skin for the M249, Spas-12 and Mini Uzis. It was made exclusively for Yiris and it is impossible to obtain.

It paints the weapon in a dark blue colour. Along with this, parts of the gun have been turned into neon blue to symbolise the electricity flowing through the gun.

The blue light given off represents the blue spark of electricity, hence the name.


  • Electic was made exclusively for Yiris.
  • In-game, the Spas-12 and Mini Uzis are known as Blue Neon.
  • This is the ninth exclusive skin in R2DA.
  • It is the fourth neon skin for R2DA, after Pink Neon, Kurai Shizen and Daybreak.
  • The Marine skin features the same colour palette as the Electric skin, but does not use the neon material.
  • This is currently the most used exclusive skin, being applied to three weapons.
M249 Mini Uzis Spas-12
There is a zombie that sounds similar.
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