This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

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The bad smell of decapitated heads protects you from anything, included walking corpses! The Edgar Necklace is a armor that protects you from being pinned by Edgars, Leapers and Stalkers. however, it only works on the first 5 uses, so be careful to not waste good samples.

Background Story

A necklace made by a survivor who wanted to get into the festive spirit. Edgars were extremely easy to find, so why not make a necklace based on those? Brutes are dangerous and have been known for killing people for years, Stalkers have been known for kidnapping and jaywalking, and Skull Champions are just.. really, really, hellbent. The survivor raided a factory with his fellows, and eventually found a small box of Edgar heads. However.. guess they made them realistic. They stunk horribly. If the zombies haven't destroyed your sense of smell, this thing will.


  • Don't get too confident while you're wearing one of these, as this only has 5 uses.
    • The heads on the necklace represent how many uses are left.
  • Be careful. Having less stamina means you will have much less capability in traversing whatever map you're in, and in some cases, escaping a horde.
    • You can use a stamina booster, like a Candy Corn or a Carrot to help counter this.
  • If used in unison with a stamina booster (preferably a Carrot for the speed boost), Panama Punch, and a Badland Cola, you will not only be immune to getting tripped, you will also be immune to damage, and also be unable to be grabbed, making you nearly invincible.
    • There are some issues with this, however.
    • A fire Elemental can still burn you.
    • A Brute can easily eat away your health quickly.
    • Swarmers can throw honey to drastically slow you down, making you easy prey for nearby zombies.
    • Leapers with the C4 upgrade can heavily damage you, if they by chance are killed near you.
  • If a group of zombies with pinning capabilities are coming too close, and your group is running dry on ammo, consider taking one for the team and fighting back against them, since you are immune to being grabbed.



  • Decreases Stamina
  • Event Exclusive


  • The Edgar Necklace is the first event armor to feature the pinned immunity.
  • The Edgar Necklace uses the Putrid Patrick instead of the Edgar Head.
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