"Who needs an explosive club, powerful legs, or fire abilities when you can lick someone to death?"

Walther's Notes - Pristine

DO NOT EDIT: This note was found within a rooftop tent and in good condition. A rare artefact by Walther himself to have not been ruined through the course of time, kept safe by Daimon, his frenemy.

Holding ground is quite the gamble, but honestly easy to sustain if you amass firepower to do it. Each bullet helps, and with the infected lacking them, they can't really do much rather than going face-first into the barrels to finally reach us within their grasp - hence being often viable until ammunition gets a better hold of us and improvision takes place. However, today was different. It took me a while to realize due to the heat of the fight, but i've noticed less and less personnel by the minute. One of the infected, instead of going for us, made us go for him, because of an abnormal tongue entangling its prey. They seem to be particularly green compared to the rest, and rather mobile.


Edgars are the most agile zombie in the game but are also the weakest in terms of health. With their tongue, they can disarm a single survivor. This tongue will slowly strangle the survivor while also dragging them towards the Edgar.

However, while shooting the tongue and when pulling a survivor in with a successful tongue shot, Edgar will be immobile and open to attack. This mob can easily turn the tide of battle, and can easily be shut down from doing so.

Background Story

"Edgar" is simply a code-name.

These were people who were very timid and shy before succumbing to the infection. As a result, their overall introverted nature led them to be fast and agile long-range killers, but also made them extremely fragile.

Rumour has it that there is one true "Edgar", whose real name is actually Edgar, with superior skills and a deadly air permeating from it. Its tongue is a sickly toxic green, unlike the standard crimson red. The myth remains unconfirmed.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
RTrigger XboxButton
Basic Claw: A basic attack which deals 10 damage. Consumes no energy.
LMB Hold
RTriggerHold XboxButton
Tongue: Turns the user completely immobile, and a tongue shoots out to attempt to capture a player. If successful, the player will become caught by the Edgar dealing 4 damage every second. Additional damage can be dealt if the player is within range of the claw attack. If they are, they will be clawed by the Edgar taking 10 damage automatically.
Consumes no energy. Clicking (or pressing the button that initiates the tongue) at all after ensnaring a player will release them.



  • Snipers and thrown Rambo Knives can kill Edgars instantly from a distance.
  • Attacking an Edgar's tongue can still kill them.
    • If someone is being dragged away and the culprit is out of reach, you can still save them.
    • Occasionally, stunning (or freezing by Ice Staff) one by its tongue will force it to retract — essentially releasing the survivor.
  • Keep on moving to avoid being captured easily. Standing still makes you an easy target.
  • When an Edgar launches a tongue, it stands still, leaving it incredibly vulnerable.
    • Use this as a chance to kill it.
    • This also applies when an Edgar is dragging a player towards it.


  • Your agility will be your greatest strength or your greatest downfall.
    • Keep on moving to make you a harder target to hit.
      • Your jumps can scale what others have to climb in a fraction of the time.
    • Due to your high speed, you are easily attracted to a Pipebomb.
      • You are still able to use your Tongue attack while you are being attracted to one.
        • By just shooting your tongue, you stop your approach towards the Pipebomb.
        • You could also try shooting your tongue at the survivor who threw the Pipebomb and drag them into the blast radius. If successful, they are killed and you get the cash.
  • Master the tongue. An Edgar who can aim with it is deadlier than one who cannot.
    • When you have someone caught, other zombies can still damage the player. This can cause a swift death.
      • If you pull a one all the way towards you, you can wiggle around for them to take even more damage.
    • While on a high building, you can pull up survivors to then drop them down to kill them.
    • You can still use your tongue in mid-air to capture survivors.
      • This isn't recommended, as people can just attack your tongue to kill you and not you directly.
    • Don't forget you still have your basic attack.
      • Combined with your agility, you can easily finish off a weakened survivor.
  • Try to avoid snipers or flying Rambo Knives as they can kill you when you least expect it.
    • Fire too will also be an adversary. A small touch from a source will cripple if not outright kill you.
  • Due to your low health, playing aggressively will get you killed much more easier.
    • Pickoff stragglers from a group instead.
  • Edgars are still able to pull dead survivors around the map.
    • Pulling a corpse into a deadly or impossible area will make those Defibrillators useless.


  • The Edgar has the lowest base health pool out of all the mobs in the game.
    • This mob is also tied with the Digger with having the fastest base walkspeed in-game.
  • This is one of the three zombies in the game that can incapacitate a player, with the others being the Leaper and Stalker.
  • This is the only special infected that does not have a single sound effect.
    • However, it does have a unique animation when moving, where it seems to act like a lunatic.
  • Edgar is a returning mob from R2D 2014, in which it was a rare Smoker mutation.
    • It originated as a zombie mask which was obtained during the ROBLOX Winter Games 2015 Event.
      • The Edgar hat is a reskin of the custom Smoker hat, which is a reskin of the Putrid Patrick hat.
  • A new tongue mesh was implemented in v0.9.7, making it cleaner and visually appealing.
  • In v0.9.8, the ability to pull survivors up while being above them was implemented.
    • However, survivors are no longer always upright whenever caught, making it harder for you and most other zombies to scratch a survivor.
  • In v1.1.9, the amount of damage one took from the tongue rose from 2HP/sec to 4HP/sec.
    • Also in the same update, the speed of the tongue increased.
  • A rare bug can occur where two Edgars can capture the same survivor, as seen here.
    • This can also happen vice-versa, where an Edgar can fire out two tongues at the same time.
  • There was a bug in when an Edgar killed you, instead of rag-dolling normally, you would explode into pieces.
  • A bug can occur in that while you are ensnared, your HP doesn't slowly drain like it usually does.
  • Before v1.2.7, the default Edgar skin allows you to spawn with your avatar clothes. After that, you could only spawn with a green skin.


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