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"Duckhunt was made for a reason."


Ducky is the Easter 2019 boss, with a red and white swirl head phones, yellow feathers and a sharp beak. This is nature at its finest, or worst.

You fight Ducky on her farm, aptly named Duckland.

Background Story

When she was a duckling, Ducky's only form of joy came from the happiness she felt when she played her dead father's Guitar. The heart and soul she put into her music brought the attention of many other ducklings and for a few short years, Ducky felt truly happy.

As her fans grew older, their tastes changed and she could do nothing but watch as all her fans drifted away, and her happiness left with them.

She's spent the last few years in her father's Barn where she protects her father's Chest and tends to the crops. Her free time is spent playing the Guitar, with her only company being the wind. The happiness she once felt has slowly crept away from this well tended, but dead land.

One day, she heard the sound of newcomers approaching, and happily reached for her Guitar.

She hopes they'll listen to her music. Even for a little bit.



  • Ducky is quite glitchy while flying, so be prepared for anything.
    • She will use the Duck Bomber attack when she flies, so don't stand below her.
  • Standing in front of Ducky is not recommended, as she can use her Feather Blow, PeckRunning in the 90's or Duck Bomber attacks.
  • If Ducky is trying to use the Peck attack towards you, it's highly recommended to get to high ground or use a Jetpack.
    • Getting to high ground does not always work, as Ducky could break the structure.
    • Ducky will target you until you die. It is best to outrun her, if you can, with stamina boosting items such as the Candy Cane.
    • To avoid this, don't be the nearest person to her, as she will target said person.
    • Eggs are also quite useful to prevent Peck.
    • If you don't have any Eggs, it is best to make her stuck behind the Ammo Stations or the tractor.
  • Throwing Eggs at Ducky will cause her to stop what she is doing and use Shy Block.
    • Use this to your advantage to make her stop attacking you or other players.
    • This only stops the Peck and Guitar attack.
    • The move also happens when her Guitar is destroyed.
  • If you have any, you can use a Cakepack and a Jetpack will help you from falling off the map when Ducky uses Feather Blow.
  • Be careful of killing Ducky at the edge of the map as the Key might get stuck off the map.
  • Destroying the Guitar is priority when Ducky uses this ability.
    • She cannot use the Guitar after it is destroyed.
  • Be aware, when Ducky falls off the map, she respawns in front of the barn.
  • Keep your distance from Ducky to avoid her attacks, as they will lead to your eventual death.


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  • After v1.3.5a, the Guitar health was nerfed from 12,000 to 8,000.
  • In Debug, Ducky only had 120,000 health, didn't drop a Key when killed and only dropped tickets in a concentrated spot on the roast duck.
    • It was also named Duck in Debug and didn't have the headphones you see today.
    • The video for the Debug Duck can be found here.
  • First Easter boss in the R2DA Series.
  • This turns into a roasted duck when it is killed, the only boss to have a death mesh that isn't faded away.
  • The Ducky's Eggbomb models can be found here.
  • Ducky is a female, since laying eggs is a female characteristic.
    • This makes Ducky the first (known) female boss and second female NPC after Sam.
    • Ducky is almost certainly a mallard duck, due to the beak colour and quack most associated to female mallards.

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