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It adds extra ammo at the exchange of a small bit of accuracy. Plus the fact that you look like a Mafia man like this.

Background Story

This was used mostly in the 1930s, in most Tommy Guns of the era. Of course, due to the size, it contained more bullets, but there's nothing more interesting about this. How does the M1A1 Thompson accept the drum magazines again? Probably just R-Brain Hardwork creating knock off versions of the original blueprints the military gave them, just like the Chinese!


  • Due to the minimal accuracy decrease, you might need to crouch and aim on the sight.
    • Use it with the Ironsights, you will still gain +10 accuracy because of it.
  • Use this to mow down a horde of zombies incoming; The ammo this gives works out well against a lot of grouped infected.
  • Recommended for use during Boss rounds due to the fact accuracy isn't really needed.


  • This was commonly seen in Tommy Guns of the 20's, and 30's, by police officers and criminals.
  • This was the one of the first two attachments that increases ammo, the other being Extended Mags.
  • In real life, an M1A1 Thompson is unable to accept drum magazines, however this is clearly ignored.
  • This is the first Magazine Extension attachment to aesthetically change the appearance of the magazine on a weapon.


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